Remote Control Tarantula B&M Was £12.99 - 2 for £20, Now £6.99

Remote Control Tarantula B&M Was £12.99 - 2 for £20, Now £6.99

Found 16th Jan 2016
Daughter has been after one of these BIG (27 cm) Black Tarantula's for long time but I wasnt paying the full price. Was surprised to see them today in B&M being reduced to £6.99 - think its well worth it for that price. Ideal for Birthday Presents as well. About 6 left on shelves after I got this. None left online so must be local stock only now. Same thing selling £20 on Ebay.
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These are rubbish, bought one for son.
Took it back and got a refund
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Here's a video review of it. Doesn't look like it'll tackle carpet.…BT8
Wouldn't waste my money got one for my little one at Xmas and didn't work
These are awful my son wanted one last Xmas the legs are held on with really cheap brittle plastic, they don't move on anything other than lino or laminate.

I paid a lot more than this at £6.99 it's just about acceptable for a laugh but they are really cheap garbage
Just buy a real one. My two sons own twelve in total.
The legs break off really easily. My kid still loves terrifying me by hiding it in places when I least expect it! We paid £20 for ours some time ago. £6.99 is a more realistic price.
Get the real thing. Much more interesting!
I wouldn't bother, these are completely rubbish. My Son got one for a birthday present, one of the legs fell off and it leaves it's 'hair' all over the place. Ended up chucking it in the bin.
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