Remote Control Wall Climbing Car was £15 now £7.20 C+C @ Halfords

Remote Control Wall Climbing Car was £15 now £7.20 C+C @ Halfords

Found 28th Dec 2017
Was £15 & now £7.20. Thought this was a decent price now, something for the kids to spend their Christmas money on, seems to be stock around, checked a few postcodes & all had stock in.

Wall Climbing CarDefy Gravity with the Wall Climbing Car. This cool remote control car not only racers round the floor but you can take the race to the walls too. The car functions like any other RC vehicle on a smooth flat surface, but switch it to wall climbing mode and it will effortlessly drive on vertical and even inverted surfaces. ‘Wall mode’ activates the suction mechanism on the underside that keeps the car held tight to flat surfaces, allowing it to roll up and down as well as manoeuvre around surfaces that would normally be too steep to drive on. Charges via connector on the remote controller.Wall Climbing Car Extra Info

  • Charges via connector on the remote controller
  • Wall mode
  • suction mechanism

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My son got one of these for Crimbo, it's surprisingly good, there's loads of room on walls to race!
Just watched it on YouTube looks great fun! Heat
What kind of sorcery is this!
The kids at Christmas drive me up the wall all the time.!
Great find Op. Was looking for this for a while.
Is it just me or is there no purchase option?
What kind of battery does this have?
Not available in Glasgow or Edinburgh
One of these fell on my head yesterday -.-
Yes one of these here for Christmas too. Don't try it on the ceiling like hubby did as it's very painful when it lands on your head!
We have this, my boys love it
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