Remote Controlled Power Socket 3-Pack. £7.99 @ Maplin (Quidco too)

Remote Controlled Power Socket 3-Pack. £7.99 @ Maplin (Quidco too)

Found 20th Mar 2008
Procuct code N25FZ

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I bought a four pack similar to this a last year, subsequently bought more as the electric bills plumeted, £7.99 for three is the cheapest I've ever seen.

Become more energy efficient by switching off appliances that are in standby
Converts existing sockets to remote operation
Ideal for home entertainment, lamps and lights and not easily accessible appliances
Up to 25 metres'' range - even works through walls
3600W switching capacity


Not available in store near me but only £2 delivery and 5% quidco - just bought and voted hot

Here's the link to it...…1m3

The OP link seems to have a referral link in it?

I have a set like this myself, I spent £20.00, but even that is a good price. Bought this for the Christmas lights but very handy for everyday use too, we use them for our lamps. And great as not infra-red.... Great price, voted hot.
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