Remy martin * £15 Half price @ Asda

Remy martin * £15 Half price @ Asda

Found 26th Nov 2009
Went to my local asda's and saw this deal a good deal for christmas and a bargain

* 3 per customer and be quick


Pretty good deal as a present. Heat

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Thanks but if they got none on shelves be sure to ask someone plenty of them at tills

bargain, will look for this tm, love this stuff! heated

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bargain, will look for this tm, love this stuff! heated



This will get very hot, a similar bargain to the Bollinger from Morrisons.

Not available online, shame as i've got my delivery tomorrow, hot though all the same

Hot from me, collected 3 from Leicester store!

no more at park royal. didnt even have the ticket for the offer on the shelf. must have ended already?

Definitely hot.................................................



Yep, a duplicate posting yet it still goes very hot....Go figure! :roll: Anything seems to go hot now

im not sure it is, the bottles are different, unles the picture in the other thread is wrong. also not expired. online now at £15

can u get free delivery with asda?

Out of stock at wembley and collingdale

im hoping none of the peasants in romford asda have heard of this brand cuz i wanna stock up on it on the way home!

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Well i saw that one and well no many people commented so i thought ill try again:roll:
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