Ren And Stimpy - Season 1 And 2 DVD Boxset & Ren & Stimpy: Season 3 & A Halfish DVD Boxset £7.99 each delivered @ HMV
Ren And Stimpy - Season 1 And 2 DVD Boxset & Ren & Stimpy: Season 3 & A Halfish DVD Boxset £7.99 each delivered @ HMV

Ren And Stimpy - Season 1 And 2 DVD Boxset & Ren & Stimpy: Season 3 & A Halfish DVD Boxset £7.99 each delivered @ HMV

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Ren & Stimpy: Season 1/2

John Kricfalusi broke new ground in television comedy with his 1990s cartoon series REN & STIMPY. Centered around the misadventures of a highstrung chihuahua and his dimwitted feline companion, REN & STIMPY rendered fourth-grade-level gross-out jokes about mucus, flatulence, tooth decay, and other bodily functions in an uncomfortably graphic style of animation that invited both laughter and squirms of revulsion. Kricfalusi's edgy humour quickly vaulted the series into the highest echelons of cult fandom; and although he left the show after only two seasons, his legacy can still be felt in cartoons ranging from SOUTH PARK to SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS. This collection features every episode from REN & STIMPY's influential first two seasons

Ren & Stimpy: Season 3 & A Halfish

Though the third season of John Kricfalusi's much-loved Ren and Stimpy animated series has been the subject of much controversy among devotees of the show and its creator, there is still enough cat/dog insanity to warrant viewing. Some fans' problems with the season revolve around the fact that Nickelodeon, which was airing the program, removed Kricfalusi and his Spumco team from the show's production and replaced them with Games Animation, which reproduced Ren and Stimpy's signature artwork, but without the absurd spark of the first and second seasons (at least by those fans' estimation). However, a perusal of the 29 episodes compiled on this three-disc set (which offers the entire third season and a smattering of the fourth, which concludes on the Season Five and Some More of Four set) does turn up some worthwhile episodes, most notably "Ren's Pecs" (Ren develops a rippling physique after injecting fat from Stimpy's posteior), "Jimminy Lummox" (Stimpy's conscience takes the form of a monstrous singing lout), "Powdered Toast Man vs. Waffle Woman" (no explanation needed there...), and the surreal "House of Next Tuesday" (R & S visit the title domicile to escape giant ants). All this, plus several visits to "Untamed World," appearances by the irascible Wilbur Cobb, Jerry the Bellybutton Elf (who resides inside Stimpy's navel)--and scads of commentary tracks, including eleven from Kricfalusi and his Spumco team, and two from Ren and Stimpy themselves. Though the loyal may be divided on these seasons, completists will want to add this round of lunacy to their DVD animation collections.


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There is only one thing to say " LOG" !!!

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