Renaissance Reversible Leather Corner Sofa Chocolate Brown or Black Adjustable Head Rests  Left & Right Hand facing (pictures1st post) £499 @ Leather Sofa World

Renaissance Reversible Leather Corner Sofa Chocolate Brown or Black Adjustable Head Rests Left & Right Hand facing (pictures1st post) £499 @ Leather Sofa World

Found 30th Mar 2013
This corner sofa can be used as a left or right corner suite(pic 1st post). The chaise part can be clipped onto the other side. Corrected grain leather.
Delivery £39 or £79 next day.I am payng C.O.D. if it looks pants I dont have to buy it.
Adjustable head rests too.Renaissance Reversible Leather Corner Sofa Chocolate Brown Left Hand facingThe renaissance corner sofa is a versatile sofa, practically designed to enhance any living space. It features a reversible cushion meaning you can have the chaise on either side, great if you want to have a move around. Also now featuring adjustable headrests for added style giving you the option of extra head lumbar support, contemporary chrome feet and two high fashion scatter cushions. Available in a range of modern colours, finished in leather and leather match.
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I ordered this yesterday from Preloved for £399. The link on the ad takes you to the store. I messaged the ad and was called back an hour later. All the terms are the same as through the shop and my invoice is from the shop. They are calling me in the week to arrange delivery. I couldnt see the point of paying £100 more.
For the price this suit looks like it will be ok. Ive ordered the care kit and it has a 5yr warranty too.

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I have ordered this and want to know peoples thoughts on the sofa. Not many can be used left and right hand facing so this suits me because I like to change things around when I'm bored.
It looks ok......famous last words.
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If people don't have anything to say they won't leave comments. Maybe noone else has one to comment. Or maybe no one cares about sofas this morning. What I do know is that my sofa that cost 10 times this from dfs has issues and my 250 quid sofa bed from homebase doesn't. But also None of that is relevant to this deal!
I have one at the moment from Argos and its lasted 8 years, it cost me £600 at the time. Its never split or cracked but it looks a bit tired. If I get 5 years with this I will be happy.

Looks like a lot of sofa for the money
I forgot n to mention but I am paying cash on delivery.
I dont see it for 399 on the second link??
strange that the same sofa is not available on their ebay store
Ive got a screen shot on my tablet but I dont know where it is. Took a pic too.
well then an hr ago they have updated it to 499 now.

I think they realised that they got "advertised" on hotukdeals and floodgates would open and they would get alot of sales
Ive just got off the phone. The price wasnt changed since the sale and my order has highlifhted it. Mine is £399 but the price is back to the deal price, sorry fot that. I dont know if anyone has ordered from the link earlier whilst it was cheaper.

Mine is delivered on Friday

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