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Renault Clio Play 1.2 £159 Deposit + £159 per month 48 months £7791  0% APR 6,000 Miles pa @ Renault
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Posted 17th Mar 2018Posted 17th Mar 2018
Renault Clio Play 1.2 £159 Deposit + £159 per month 48 months £7791 0% APR 6,000 Miles pa @ Renault
Might not be the best deal ever but low deposit might appeal to some. Model shown has metallic paint, extra £650 (I assume they spread that over the 48 month term if you opt for it… Read more

The fact that you can add 2k and you can buy this car forever. Or sell it for more than 2k after 4 years after buying it for 10k makes this a bad deal. Oh and no 6k mileage limits, no extra payments if you scratch it, etc


I'm not an oap and my mileage is less than 6000 miles per year. I spend somewhere between £3k and £4k a year leasing. Not on a French junker though.


6k miles a year is probably what people tell the insurance company but in reality its probably about 10k


One would be better off, IMHO, leasing a Honda Jazz 1.3 i-VTEC EX 5dr for a net £155.88/mth for 24 months with 8k miles a year: superior car, cheaper deal and more miles.


All this arguing over a car,why not take the bus! :-)

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Posted 14th Nov 2017Posted 14th Nov 2017
Seems like a great deal. But remember to read the T&Cs to see if you qualify for free insurance. Excludes the play and RS models.

Dealers can't do a lot of things but they do do it. No different to a punter taking out finance and then paying it off within a few weeks to obtain the cheaper deal. It's dishonest, because they're using finance regulations that are supposed to protect you to breach a contract. The manufacturer supports sales of cars with low cost finance and 'deposit contributions' that effectively discount the car. If someone cancels the finance deal after the benefit of the 'deposit contribution' the manufacturer loses what it would have made on the finance.


Which brings us to my initial point. Dealers cant offer 0% finance then discount for cash


You are missing the point. 0% finance will not be offered on the discount price. It will on the list price. Jeez!


What did Oscar Wilde say now...."If I had to explain you wouldn't understand" (:I


...and who buys at list price? JUST SAID YOURSELF SOME ARE KNOCKING 25% OFF lol jeeez!!

Black Friday Sales Event - up to £2,500 off selected models @ Renault
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Posted 24th Nov 2016Posted 24th Nov 2016
Black Friday Sales Event - up to £2,500 off selected models @ Renault
Black Friday Sales Event With 0% APR representative finance available while stocks last.* Until 30th November take advantage of up to £2,500 off selected Renault vehicles with 0% … Read more

My last Renault had engine failure at 70,000k. I'd already had to replace dual mass flywheel, water pump, intercooler, dashboard, several window regulators, cam belt, all gear box and engine mounts, electrical problems galore caused by leaks and blockage below the windscreen. Nightmare car and money pit. Never again even as a lease


Black Friday for cars is the end of the financial year - they are desperate to meet their targets and you can get great deals if you play your cards right.


[image missing]

World Series by Renault £12
Posted 31st May 2015Posted 31st May 2015
World Series by Renault £12
Been every year to this and it is a great weekend away (shame it's not free this year though) World Series by Renault 2015 Renault, renowned for its unique and emblematic events… Read more
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wouldn't go this time even if it was free. not much racing or other entertainment. not many people there too. wow renault rs01 looks nice but looks a rip off of the audi r8


went today. what a load of rubbish. really poor compared to the free even that used to be at Donnington


been loads of times, well worth it even paid. preferred it to formula 1


true, but f1 is £00s


Coventry motofest is still on today and thats free. Ok if you are local.

Renault.Clio Expression from only £129 pcm including insurance!
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Posted 1st Feb 2014Posted 1st Feb 2014
Renault.Clio Expression from only £129 pcm including insurance!
Hurry! For a limited time.
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My a1 deal was posted to prove a point by posting to the masses over another thread where someone said that the A1 was better than another deal (think it may have been a deal for an Ibiza). But i'm wasting my time as people can only have an opinion as long as it is the same as yours. Typical keyboard warrior. I've said this is an awful deal for an awful car, the Fabia is a better deal for the same size car. If people are looking for a supermini they don't come on here looking for a clio, they come on here looking for a supermini. At least I can have my opinion now anyway that I have been ignored :P


Nah. I've often said the heat levels for deals on here are no real indication of a deal and there are many examples of where prejudice and dislike of a particular brand skews the voting. Like your Audi A1 deal maybe? -158 ? And I disagree with you as I can see zero merit in your argument, and that is extremely unlikely to change. I've moved on and hit the ignore button. No more comment from me. Replies will not be visible to me.


don't know anyone who goes out looking for a 1.2 clio to be honest. People looking for a 1.2 cheap car generally look for the best deal regardless of make and model. As I said, this is a rip off in comparison for what you can get elsewhere. The heat (or total lack of it) says it all. Posted the fabia reaction as a deal out of interest and think that also speaks volumes that it's much cheaper with a much higher spec, alloys and air conditioning being the two major ones. The heat is the absolute end of it, not your opinion.


Cold. Overpriced Clios are awful cars. Had a new one myself and it was the biggest mistake of my life.


Disagree. If you are looking for a Clio then a Fabia deal is no good. Subjectively, some people do not like Skodas or Fabias but they like Clios. Not everybody will share your preferences. Some people have their own preferences and will make their own choice. This deal is a helpful way to get a new Clio. I wouldn't go for it, but I can see the merit. Anyway, I've added my heat already so that is absolutely the end of it.

Test Drive a Renault before 31st Dec and get £20 Amazon Gift Certificate
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Posted 11th Dec 2013Posted 11th Dec 2013
Test Drive a Renault before 31st Dec and get £20 Amazon Gift Certificate
Just got an email from Renault advertising a deal whereby if you test drive one of their cars you can get a £20 Amazon Gift Certificate. Can't be bad for a short test drive - no ob… Read more

The voucher finally arrived! Almost 2 months after the test drive!. Would put me off ordering a car from them.


Phoned Renault customer services again today ... they said it is registered and we should hear in 5 days. Seems to be a set answer. Have phoned 5 times since test drive. We have a Renault car already and were considering buying another when finances improve too.


I am still communicating with Renault customer services. They told me it would be with me by the end of January but it didn't. They now say within the next 5 days. Doesn't do Renault any favours.


I haven't had anything either. I did mine in December too. Do they email you the voucher?


I went for my test drive on the 16th December, received an email on the 17th saying my voucher would be with me soon by email... but I have had nothing yet.

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Free mini tablet with every new Renault ordered this weekend
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Posted 19th Sep 2013Posted 19th Sep 2013
Free mini tablet with every new Renault ordered this weekend
This is my first post so please feel free to vote cold. Just imagine, if you spend a few thousand pounds on a new Renault this weekend you could be the proud owner of a shiny new m… Read more

Imagine you got this for your daughter and then the dreaded email appears in your inbox: 'from Nicole: Papa, cette voiture, c'est merde!'


Merde...! Two words that are m mutually exclusive - French Auto electrics...


I think Jedward deals hit the coldest :D


What was the coldest deal ever on hukd? Come on lets go for it...


I had a megane that the electric steering lock came on while driving!

£2000 off - Nearly New Renault Twingo (less then 100 miles) -  Now £4999 was £6999
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Posted 21st Sep 2012Posted 21st Sep 2012
£2000 off - Nearly New Renault Twingo (less then 100 miles) - Now £4999 was £6999
AFTER £2000 SCRAPPAGE. Less then 100 Mileage!!! Renault Twingo Expression 1.2 16V 75 - Brake assist - Power assisted steering - Driver seatbelt warning indicator - Electric front … Read more

This is some dealer sponsored thing to shift stock. They never rang me back the second time though :(


It took someone less than 100 miles to decide that it is a sh.. car? :)


Did the scrap-page scheme not end in 2010?


Just waiting on a call back about the Megane. The dealer I spoke to said they were ex dealer stock (so I imagine courtesy cars, demonstrators, manager's privilege etc) but that the offer's been on a for a couple of weeks so depends what's in stock.


I saw this advert in yesterday's Evening standard newspaper where it specifically stated many cars <100 miles. This thread is not expired!

Free Tickets - World Series By Renault 2012 @ Silverstone 25&26/08/2012
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Posted 4th Jul 2012Posted 4th Jul 2012
Free Tickets - World Series By Renault 2012 @ Silverstone 25&26/08/2012
Free tickets for Renault motor racing event at Silverstone, Up to 5 free tickets. I went a few years back when it was at Donnington Park, Great free weekend, if you like motor ra… Read more

It looks like they are all gone now I am afraid.


where do i get tickets


Been for last couple of years and been an excelent event gutted there isnt one this year better luck next year hopefully camped round corner from hamilton has a shower and a pool :-)


I and THREE others have been to silverstone for last three years this year didnt get aemail asking me if i would like tickets so it looks like we have missed out this year **** very good weekend


Hope it's back next year!

Brand new Renault Twizy (electric car)  - £6,690
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Posted 17th Apr 2012Posted 17th Apr 2012
Brand new Renault Twizy (electric car) - £6,690
Beat the ridiculous petrol and diesel prices with a brand new Renault Twizy. £6,690 is an unbelievable price when you consider that Nissan's rechargeable equivalent retails at arou… Read more
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Just bought this. £4500 and 65.7 mpg. It has doors and windows too!


If you needed a second car that only went out in dry warm weather for very short distances that had secure parking everywhere you took it...


#1 its french #2 it looks silly #3 it costs too much #4 it's range sucks = UTTER FAIL


Great idea, great price, considering most of us never have more than two in the car it would be ideal! However most of us won't make the move as we are scared of change, and with fuel prices change is gonna be forced on us. Having said that if I needed a second car it would make a great buy me thinks.


I too was really enthusiastic when these were first talked about and could make a case for having one. However, voting cold because it is the standard price and because there is no information about real life performance. All the reports hinge on set piece tryouts and there is no indication as to whether it can even go up hills which is essential for me. Even London isn't entirely flat so you could be paying a lot of money for something that you can't use to the extent you want in either summer (hills) or winter (cold affecting car and driver performance).

Free tickets for Renault race event at Silverstone, 20-21 August
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Posted 9th Aug 2011Posted 9th Aug 2011
Free tickets for Renault race event at Silverstone, 20-21 August
Free tickets for annual Renault World Series race event at Silverstone on 20-21 August.
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Hello, late I know but does anyone know if it's still possible to obtain tickets for this event via the website (I tried but couldn't get to the relevant page)? Many thanks. (Apologies for posting this in 2 separate threads about this event, to maximise chances of this message being seen. Please feel free to delete if necessary.)


Hi all.... i have 2 adult tickets available ( kids don't need tickets ) for the race weekend (20/21st August) if anyone wants, just pm me your address and will send.


it's a good day out, i went last year


I go every year, its a great free day out, they even have fair ground rides that are also free, only downside are the queues. i would advise you take a picnic, the burger vans can be a bit pricey.


i cant wait to go :D, will be 2nd time at silverstone this year, went to grandprix practice, then off to this then britcar24 hour then next year the grand prix day:D

Up to 4 free tickets for World Series by Renault, Silverstone August 20-21st
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Posted 23rd Jun 2011Posted 23rd Jun 2011
Up to 4 free tickets for World Series by Renault, Silverstone August 20-21st
Sign into your Renault account or register for up to 4 tickets per household for the World Series by Renault, held at Silverstone on the weekend of 20-21st August. We have been for… Read more

Quick bump for this. Who is up up early and off to this? Looks like were going to get a bit of rain, might make it interesting! :)


Been told my tickets will be sent – no sign of them as yet!


Cant wait for this. We will be camping. Watch out for the noise police!


I have 2 tickets I can post out first class tomorrow (weds) if anybody would like them, please send me a pm


Tickets are not downloaded, Renault send them out via the Royal mail

Get your hands on the 2011 Renaultsport calendar
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Posted 12th Jan 2011Posted 12th Jan 2011
Get your hands on the 2011 Renaultsport calendar
The new Renaultsport calendar is the perfect way to begin 2011 featuring 12 fantastic images of the Renaultsport line-up both past and present. Renaultsport has a limited number of… Read more
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I got mine in the post yesterday. its not all that good but its ok for free.


Mine came today, nice little calendar, smaller than i expected, but keeps track of dates and it's free so win win imo


Anybody got one of these yet? Still waiting for mine!


No not yet, but hope still up. They send me 4 tickets for silverstone F1 every year. Receive email updates for replies << this new alert thing is usefull. Thanks HUKD team


Anyone's arrived yet?

Renault Clio and Megane - VAT FREE until December 31st
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Posted 28th Oct 2010Posted 28th Oct 2010
Renault Clio and Megane - VAT FREE until December 31st
I was listening to Talk Sport last night and heard an ad that lets buyers buy their car VAT free! T+C's: Prices shown include a discount on list price equivalent to a VAT saving o… Read more

You can use the thousands you "save" buying the car on repairs instead. Get something with a good warranty instead:)


try "drive the deal"....


No, not 17.5%... the actual discount is 14.89%! Plenty of places offering 25% discount for many models of new Renaults so this can easily be beaten.


I think it works out 14.89% off the price you would have paid.


marketing bunkem - they just raise the rrp and then make out they are taking off VAT

Tax Free Renaults - Clio i-Music  1.2-6v £9,895 (save £1945) & Megan I-Music 1.6 £13,322 (save £2.933) - More in Post & Trip to Monacco Draw
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Posted 23rd Oct 2010Posted 23rd Oct 2010
Tax Free Renaults - Clio i-Music 1.2-6v £9,895 (save £1945) & Megan I-Music 1.6 £13,322 (save £2.933) - More in Post & Trip to Monacco Draw
Tax Free Renaults until 31st December - Trip to Monacco Draw with test drive Clio i-Music 1.2-6v £9,895 (save £1945) Megan I-Music 1.6 £13,322 (save £2.933) Also others on we… Read more
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Complete MOT Service only £20 @ Renault Cross Roads Kidlington, Oxford branch.
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Posted 22nd Oct 2010Posted 22nd Oct 2010
Complete MOT Service only £20 @ Renault Cross Roads Kidlington, Oxford branch.
£20 for a £54.85 complete MOT service and discount on any required work at Cross Roads Renault - Save 64% Highlights: •Get a 20% discount off any work that may be required follow… Read more

They should change the 'highlights' to this: Highlights: •Get a 20% discount off any work that will be required following the test


bad deals these cheap m.o.ts they just fail the cars on anything knowing they'll get the money back and more by doing the work they failed the car on


Purchase as a gift! 'Happy anniversary love, I know you'll love this present...' ain't gonna go down well.



Free Safety Kit for Renault owners
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Posted 9th Jul 2010Posted 9th Jul 2010
Free Safety Kit for Renault owners
Pop your car into your local Renault dealer for a FREE Summer Safety Check and claim your Safety Kit. The Health Check consists of a visual check of 25 elements of your car includ… Read more

they aren't faulty. the bonnet catch is a spring-loaded moving part, and being just under the bonnet lid at the front of the car, they are exposed to adverse weather, which can cause them to cease up. The problem occurs when a bonnet has been lifted after a long period of inactivity. after pulling the bonnet release from inside the car, you would then pull the safety catch to fully release the bonnet. a ceased or sticky safety catch would not return to its normal position causing the bonnet to fly up if the wind gets under it. this would only happen however, in situations where the bonnet was not closed correctly. these parts must be kept lubricated with WD-40 or spray grease in order to keep them moving freely. about one spray every 6 months is enough. I would suspect that affected cars would not have had a dealer service for a while...


Doesnt work for me! :(


Thanks, got mine..


Cool, thanks. I would avoid Renault Birmingham like the plague though. Shocking service, including the use of CHEWING GUM to clip an air filter cover! It could only have been them, as they were the only people to service the car since we got it. They didn't even do our MOT, despite saying they had. It was only by accident a few months later we found out the idiots hadn't done it.


Nice, thanks very much, I have just had my car serviced so hopefully I can just go in and pick up the kit. H&R added

MOT + 1 YEARS AA ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE (Inc Home Start) Only £54 @ Renault
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Posted 29th Jun 2010Posted 29th Jun 2010
MOT + 1 YEARS AA ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE (Inc Home Start) Only £54 @ Renault
The MOT test is an inspection and a series of checks around the vehicle, including the interior, exterior, under the bonnet and under the vehicle. Available to all Renault cars ov… Read more
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Hot deal but it doesn't include homestart as far as I can see. The T&C (which you yourself quote) say: Voted hot nonetheless


They still find problems with your car just to bump the price up, they tried it with my car with the supposedly faulty exhaust which wasn't faulty.


Yeah been paying £29 for mine for years. £54 prices must be dealers usual rip off prices.


MOT`s can be had for £20-£30 in most areas


I meant yet as in "today", they're going to be doing it before I pick the car up :) It is a main Renault dealer :lol: My point was if they haven't done it yet I could try to get them to put this offer through their system instead of just a standard MOT.

Brand New - Renault Twingo Expression 1.2 - £6495 - Any Renault Dealer!
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Posted 21st Jun 2010Posted 21st Jun 2010
Brand New - Renault Twingo Expression 1.2 - £6495 - Any Renault Dealer!
Renault Twingo Expression 1.2 (non met paint model) Click the link for more info (click on "see all cash offers"). Not bad for a brand new car (non pre reg, so you can go to any … Read more
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I think Renault are improving on reliability due to the fact that they own 45% or so of nissan and nissan own 15% or so of renault. nissan make pretty reliable cars. Anyone know of any offers for the GT version?


Yawn..........who cares!!:thumbsup:


Renault and Citroen the most unreliable makes of car on the road say AA !!


You said VAT would go up today. We had months of notice about that. Have you ever worked in a shop where you had to swap the price displays of 1000's of items?



World Series By Renault 2010 at Silverstone and other venue's, Free
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Posted 29th May 2010Posted 29th May 2010
World Series By Renault 2010 at Silverstone and other venue's, Free
World Series By Renault at Silverstone, 18/09/2010 - 19/09/2010. World Series By Renault at Brno, 05/06/2010 - 06/06/2010.… Read more

Just had an email saying last chance for tickets . . . . . Any stragglers??, be quick


Glad we got in early... ============================================================================= Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, we are unable to deal with any more applications for tickets this close to the event. If you have been lucky enough to get tickets, we look forward to seeing you at Silverstone on 18th and 19th September. Regards World Series by Renault PS: Don't forget, children under 16 do not require a ticket, but must be accompanied by an adult.


Got my tickets today and they each have two tear-off strips - one on each side of the ticket - so one sides tears off for Saturday entrance and the other side if you're going back on Sunday.


Got my tickets today.


Tickets arrived this morning :)

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