Renew Xbox live and get 600 free points! Or renew on dashboard for £29.99!
Renew Xbox live and get 600 free points! Or renew on dashboard for £29.99!

Renew Xbox live and get 600 free points! Or renew on dashboard for £29.99!

It's my 30th deal so please be violent

Simple really - Cheapest I can see is £31 on electronic first (have used them many times before, won a free code from them on facebook!). Not only are you're 12 months renewed, but when you enter the code, 600 free points are entered into your account!

OR, you can get £29.99 for 12 months through the standard credit card service. If 2100 points is £15, then 600 is around £4, so I would go for the free points deal, but it's up to you!

To get this deal you need to be up for renewal fairly soon (within 2 months I think).


The large majority of people would argue that a renewal, especially if it's running out soon, will be £23.99, and the points ~£4.28, so this is kinda 'meh' for me. Luke warm it is.

These people >> hotukdeals.com/dea…66/

are ringing up and getting it for £23.99 regardless of how much they already have left. Some are even getting 800 points thrown in. Only thing is you need to ring straight back to cancel auto renewal.

i wish i could be violent... but all ill get is ***** **** * *****

same here, i rung microsoft and got it for 23.99 but make sure u have a card registered to ur xbox otherwise they might not do it.

I Got the £23.99 renewal with 800 free points in February.. Still waiting for my points in June.. Did the same deal last year and it took them 7 months to show on my account..

i should be getting an xbox tonight and will be looking to subscribe to live mostly to play trials HD and log my times online and such.. only gonna have trials HD and Limbo to start off, will pick up gears of war soon enough

am i best off getting sumthing like this if i can? do i need to subscribe for those purposes?

im not playing COD or anything on it yet

If you sign up to Live via the console choose Silver/Free membership and you'll get a month free. When that is coming to an end you should notice offers popping up on the Dashboard.

You still get access to online leaderboards if you don't pay for Gold.

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