Renlig DW60 Dishwasher (built in) £124.99 @ Ikea

Renlig DW60 Dishwasher (built in) £124.99 @ Ikea

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Found 6th Oct 2012
Just bought one of these at Ikea Lakeside for £124.99 and trhought iut looked a great deal. They didn't have many in stock, but might be worth taking a look locally.

I believe it's a rebranded Whirlpool.
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Whats with the link?

I have noi ide


Whats with the link?

I have no idea - I don't put a lin k in the offer and I've never visited that website unbtil I just clicked to check?
I have no ikea what the link is?
The unit is actually a Whirlpool unit.-It does have a delayed start timer-It is now A + rated for energy - it has been improved since this review.It dries well, but not so great on 'Tupperware' or polypropylene as we techs call it.The unit is easy to install - in an IKea unit of course.The front door is fiddly to attach, but achievable.The layout of the plates holder beggars belief in poor planning designThe large plate holders clash with the cutlery tray.Put dinner plates else where means the crash out when you replace the tray into the machine. I have reversed the removable spines; but they won't stay upright. It's a pain in the butsy.My Bosch slimeline was easy to load - I've had 4 of those.Noise - there is NO NOISE, it is quieter than the Bosch, you will probably find the tester measured it as a standalone. Silly boys.When used in a built-in kitchen - it is so quiet that I would like a front mounted LED to tell me its running, like the Bosch had.It is a good and reliable unit - so far.Given a free choice, I'd buy a Bosch next time, they are more "Logical... Captain" (Quote Mr Spock) and the manual is just awful, more of an afterthought photocopy with tiny print.
Thanks for posting, I've fixed the link
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