Rent Unthinkable (2010) [Cert 18] For 99p At Blinkbox

Rent Unthinkable (2010) [Cert 18] For 99p At Blinkbox

Found 4th Jan 2015
I had a quid left in my Blinkbox account so I wanted to rent a movie for 99p. There aren't that many to choose from never mind any decent ones but I did find Unthinkable which is rated 7.1 on IMDB…63/ so if you want a cheap movie to watch then this one is as good as any I guess. I always look for movies rated 7+ on IMDB as they must be fairly decent.

Somewhere in the United States, three nuclear bombs are about to detonate. There are only 2 days to find them – and only one man knows where they are. FBI agent Brody (Carrie-Anne Moss) is charged with making the terrorist (Michael Sheen) talk, as is H (Samuel L. Jackson), a former black-ops interrogator who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. As they start to run out of time, the tension between the two agents grows in this intense, suspenseful, action-packed thriller that will take you to the brink and beyond.

Other 99p rentals can be found here if anyone has any other decent suggestions:…%29
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Decent film. Heat added
Probably buy it for this now
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