Posted 16 February 2023

Reolink 4K PTZ PoE Outdoor Home Security with Spotlights / Two-Way Audio / 3840x2160 Resolution - £189.39 Using Voucher @ ReolinkEU / Amazon

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Back down again after a long while of going on offer for £202 or there abouts, over and over. I posted this last year for a little more than this, so thought some may find it useful now that it's dropped below it's average "Sale" price point.

Delivery is free

4K ULTRA HD & FULL-COLOR NIGHT VISION: This 8MP PoE CCTV Camera with 3840x2160 resolution provides you with a clearer visual quality & smoother live viewing experience. RLC-823A with infrared LEDs & spotlights supports 190ft colour night vision, making night scenes as vivid as day. You can see more details clearly without worrying about lights

SMART HUMAN/VEHICLE/PET DETECTION & TWO-WAY AUDIO: This PoE camera provides accurate detection through advanced technology that analyses the shape of people, vehicles and pets, thereby significantly reducing false alarms and triggers. With built-in mic & speaker, you are free to listen and talk back to whoever the camera catches in real time (Require the latest firmware version to support pet detection)

PAN TILT ZOOM & AUTO TRACKING: With 360° pan & 90° tilt, this 4K PTZ PoE camera allows you to view every angle in detail. Its 5X optical zoom enables you to zoom in for astonishing details or zoom out for maximum coverage. It can also keep track of the moving person/vehicle automatically. Never miss any important

EASY PoE INSTALLATION & REMOTE ACCESS: Thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, this PTZ IP camera can transmit videos and be charged simultaneously via only one network cable. Easy plug-and-play for a reliable connection. Wherever you are, you can see what's happening in your home by the Reolink App or Client

TIME-LAPSE VIDEOS & FLEXIBLE RECORDING OPTIONS: This PTZ camera with a time-lapse function allows you to enjoy amazing events such as the rising of the sun in a matter of minutes. It enables you to choose recording modes, which include 24/7, motion-triggered or scheduled recording. Videos can be saved to the micro SD card (up to 256GB, not included), Reolink NVR or FTP server

Remote Access & Smart Playback
Instant Access to your property anytime & anywhere. On Reolink softwares, videos are categorized by human/vehicle/pet events for an easy playback.

IP66 Waterproof for Outdoor
With the rugged housing and body, this security camera can keep guard anywhere, outdoors or indoors, and in any weather conditions.

See the Day in a Minute
Timelapse captures the dynamic processes, such as sunrise, sunset, and flower blossom, frame by frame. You can watch the entire process in minutes.

Installation with Fewer Effort

Thanks to the PoE technology, this outdoor camera can establish a reliable connection via only one Ethernet cable. Note: power source is included.

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  1. bigmac2020's avatar
    I have one of these and the colour night vision is really clear. You can choose to schedule the spot light being on or have it activate with motion. I already had the Reolink NVR so it’s connected to that and records 24/7. Can also be viewed via the Reolink App and notifications are as expected, ok, but could be better. At this price it’s well worth getting one if you have a network cable already where you need it and either an NVR or Poe injector to power it.

    App is ok, but can be a bit slow if trying to move the camera, 5 x optical zoom is good. You can set patrol points so the camera will move through them at times you specify. It also has a monitor return point you can set and it will return to it after detecting motion. Well worth this price for what you get.
  2. happymanuk's avatar
    What options are available for the storage of recordings? - Does it require a proprietory system where you pay an ongoing fee, or can it be uploaded via FTP or similar to a remote server?
    keithio's avatar
    I've got mine (not these models but Reolink so should be same) recording to a SD Card and to a Synology NAS
  3. wakkaday's avatar
    does this work with hikvision nvr if i replaced my current cameras
    ydbr9hv27k's avatar
    I got mine “half” working. I could view images but not control the camera in any way. The Reolink nvr is much better in my opinion anyway. Thanks
  4. Maffew's avatar
    Does anyone use Reolink with Homeassistant? Do you still need an NVR or is it better to run a machine with Frigate?
    Bobajob69's avatar
    I use HA for viewing reolink cameras in the app and dash board. It works ok but I imagine recording through HA would be pretty resource hungry. I'm using pi4 for HA and QVRPro on Nas as a NVR
  5. Grimsargh's avatar
    My view on CCTV is that it is a deterant, so the quality of video is of little use.

    While it may once in a blue moon lead to an arrest and conviction. The chances of getting you stuff back is quite slim.

    The police unless presented with it on a plate are not investigating three hooded figures
    Roger_Irrelevant's avatar
    It's not a deterrent. You only have to look at all the "Anyone recognise this scrote on my drive at 4am?" FB posts. They're too thick or on smack to be bothered about being on a camera.

    A big metal perimeter fence with barbed wire and sharp shooters, would be a deterrent.
  6. Roger_Irrelevant's avatar
    Are these trustworthy or will they be sending pictures to China of me washing the car?
    jamgin's avatar
    Only if you're naked
  7. able4's avatar
    My usual CCTV camera question " Do these cameras give a good view of vehicles license plates" ? Ofcourse, most of the offender's have fake number plates still would be good to know.
    miclin_jobler's avatar
    What's your experience with this, from what I understand the i.r cameras are no use as they reflect too much of the plate distorting the digits, best to go with something like a hikvision colorvu with LEDs, but if you know of a better option I would be greatly to hear
  8. mohammed_tasawar's avatar
    Reolink duo 2 cameras look good. Cheap on eBay.
  9. rhodyate's avatar
    Very good camera and the night vision is very good too, good price (edited)
  10. anuruddha's avatar
    It looks like a robot
  11. madforadeal's avatar
    Does this spotlight night
    Daves_mate's avatar
    Why is spotlight night?
  12. Why_so_serious's avatar
    Will it work with onvif on a hikvision recorder?
    Would the hikvision recorder be able to control the ptz?
    thecheekymonkey's avatar
    Yes it should do. Good look trying the other way though (getting onvif to work with reolink NVR)
  13. bobbitchin's avatar
    Does this record 24 hours?
    Why_so_serious's avatar
    There's no way to connect Disney,
's avatar