Replica - £0.69 hacking / detective / techy game for Steam PC -  Fanatical

Replica - £0.69 hacking / detective / techy game for Steam PC - Fanatical

Found 3rd Jan
Interesting looking game on special today only for 99c / 69p, steam code redemption.
I haven't seen this site before so I tried myself before posting. Logged in with Facebook, paid with Paypal USD balance (it was actually 98c!). The order took approx 8 seconds for the code to appear ready in the box below, copied and pasted it into Steam as per usual. Very slick site, works well no hiccups (for me).

I'm all about these oldy timey games at the moment, just finished Beat Cop (recommended) and just got into Don't Starve. Call me a hipster. Actually please don't.

Deal ends at 4pm UK time.

About the game

Would you sacrifice your moral code to become the state's greatest patriot? For only $1, grab a Steam key for the sinister Replica and save a BEST EVER 67% for 24 hours only or while stocks last!

"This country needs more than a building right now. It needs hope." - Evey Hammond, V for Vendetta.

Replica is a truly unique new experience - an interactive point-and-click style detective game which explores themes of privacy, investigation and moral dilemma through the medium of an unsuspecting person's cellphone.

A few days ago your country suffered a major terror attack. People are terrorized and the state is increasing security in order to apprehend the terrorists and to prevent further attacks. Governmental intelligence obtained the power to legally inspect personal information such as movement records and cellphone usage, and whoever declines inspection must be hiding something. A cellphone password and privacy, as you know, isn’t necessary unless you’re a terrorist.

You have been given the cellphone of an unknown owner. Under governmental coercion, you must now look for evidence of terrorism by hacking into the cellphone owner's account and inspecting their cellphone usage history and social media activity records.

The insane experience of peeping into someone's private life through a cellphone will transform you into the state's greatest patriot.

Key Features:

  • Hack into someone's cellphone and look for evidence of terrorist activity
  • Does the state's security trump personal freedoms?
  • 12 possible endings
  • 8 Achievements

“More than an interactive game, Replica gives you a whole new experience. Its genius idea and intense atmosphere making this game shockingly great.”- INDIENOVA -
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Oops turns out I have used this site many times before, it was previously BundleStars (helpful little note came up automagically here under the link).
In which case absolutely no quarms about the site, great deals all the time. Much improved site design from their old place!
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