Repsol Elite Evolution Power 4 5W30 Engine Oil 5 L £14.30 inc del from Amazon

Repsol Elite Evolution Power 4 5W30 Engine Oil 5 L £14.30 inc del from Amazon

Found 10th Jul 2014
this a very good oil from Repsol at a bargain price, link automatically adds code at checkout to give 20% off price to make it £14.30 for 5 litres.

4cx250f posted original code which runs till 21st

good enough for "House"

ACEA C4 quality synthetic lubricant oil, specially recommended in vehicles with particle filters and exhaust fume treatment.. Stands out for its low ash production (Low SAPS), and is the specific lubricant for Renault diesel vehicles that require RN0720 quality level. It is also a long-lasting lubricant, allowing significant extension of oil change intervals; always according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Properties * Its reduced ash content (Low SAPS) makes it essential for ensuring the durability of new technologies applied to reduce pollutant emission levels, such as diesel particle filters (DPF). * The RN0720 quality level ensures high oil resistance to oxidation and a minimum formation of deposits in the piston, thus extending the oil change period. * Contributes to reducing CO2 emissions, obtaining fuel savings of up to 1 % compared to other lubricants under standard M111FE test conditions. Quality levels ● ACEA C4 ● Renault RN0720


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the link to the 20% code for oils, leave some heat for the poster…948

Bargain. Never used it before but i think they have a good reputation so looks good. Considering you pay 35 quid for 5l castrol edge this is cheap as chips.

I would only put this in a French diesel that specifically needs it for a DPF. These low ash oils have relatively low alkalinity (TBN) and this can lead to acid build-up in your oil, especially if you use it in a petrol engine.

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My mk4 mondeo has a French Diesel engine as do many non French cars, from the description I would say this is one of the best low ash oils for a diesel as it's a c4, not sure how that would work in a petrol car
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