Repuplic Sale Has Started Many Items From £5.00

Repuplic Sale Has Started Many Items From £5.00

Found 20th May 2010Made hot 20th May 2010
Get in Quick

Loads Of Bargains To be Had And A Good Selection At Time Of Post

Crafted Jeans - £5

Soulcal Hoddie - £5

Bench Tshirt - £10

Henleys Hoodie £20


7% Topcashback avaliable......


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*********…6cb - item £34.99 on ebay - only £10.00 on Republic

Cheers for that, site is slow but I'll have a look. Still got a jacket to return from the last sale, better get that sent!

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This sale was great last time but this one seems to have more stuff and more sizes

heat & Rep, just ordered, thanks!!!!!

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heat & Rep, just ordered, thanks!!!!!

Me Too!!!! Some Great Stuff To Be Had!: :-D

heat/rep, ordering some of these

Very happy discovering these guys on here from the last sale.
They also have stuff on offer every day.

Grabbed some bargain priced jeans just and everything else I've ever ordered from them has been great.

Very happy and like NEXT sale prices are sale prices.

Also grabbed some bargains on last sale. Will check it out.

Great deal - many thanks

woops, spent to much :whistling:

Cheers :thumbsup:

Fabric Long Sleeved Cooper Shirt S Grey SKU: 55933643 £5.00 1 £5.00
Soul Cal Long Sleeved Astaire Check Shirt XS White SKU: 55874687 £5.00 1 £5.00
Crafted Jersey Cardigan M Purple SKU: 73448655 £5.00 1 £5.00
Order Summary
Subtotal £15.00
Delivery £3.95
Total to pay £18.95

Not bad at all! never usually get shirts that cheap!


nice one thanks rep added

deisel jeans for £30 bargin

7% quidco as well as topcashback

Very good, I got all the way to checkout then realise I already have a house full of clothes and dont really (or do I) need any more clothes

Damn you, I have just spent some of my holiday money on this great deal lol


whats goin on with them?

'Hammer Time'


whats goin on with them? 'Hammer Time'


Thanks OP Bought a bunch of stuff!


Perfect ... thanks :-)

Cracking! Lots of stuff on there but coz of funds narrowed it down to a puchase of a Fenchurch coat down to £ 20 from £ 49.99 !!


lovely jubbly just bought the sleeve tied dress and bandeau top for my hols!

Thanks.. now i'm broke!

thanks, broke too now

nice find mate !

Only want 2 tops out of the lot and deliverys another £3.95. no point when spending £10 nice find though.

AAAAAHHHHHH NO!!! Not payday till next Friday this sale is a week too early please put all your purchases back until next Friday, thanks!

is this instore as well or online only

are these sale items available instore?


is this instore as well or online only

Sales the sale should start instore tomorrow but stock will probably vary store to store

Thanks! Heat and rep added!

says can return unwanted items to store.....assume this is not affected by fact its sale goods? sometime stores do 'exchange only' on sale items...........


whats goin on with them? 'Hammer Time'

Can't touch this!..

Heat added, got some G-Star Jeans, down from £105 to £50.

Love this store, but unfortunately whilst there's some great bargains to be had..all the £10 jeans seemed to be in smaller sizes now. think you guys bought the last of em on me, lol


whats goin on with them? 'Hammer Time'

The funny thing is... I have a pair of jeans very similiar to this! And i'm not much of a fan of republic but theres some decent prices but not sure about some of the gear...

You spelt the title wrong btw!

Thats £136.95 ill never see again, holiday shopping sorted!

Nice find, thanks!

Loads of items aren't available in my size, so disappointing! Did manage to order two dresses and a shrug for £18.95 delivered though so I'm happy with that!

Not that im **** or anything but theres a typo in the title - Its repuBlic not repuPlic. Still couldnt have been worse, you could have written repubic....

Oh and good deal!!!

that **** is A N A L

Thanks muchly, heat+rep for ye!
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