Request a FREE FreeStyle Flushable sample!

Request a FREE FreeStyle Flushable sample!

Found 7th Apr 2008
FreeStyle Flushable is a breakthrough in pouch technology - giving users trusted security, with the freedom to live more normally.

FreeStyle Flushable - fast, easy disposal:

* Waste material passes into an inner liner, which is inside a protective pouch

* The inner liner is simply removed and flushed down any toilet, leaving a clean outer pouch for disposal at the user's convenience

As well as simple disposal, FreeStyle Flushable gives colostomates:

* Maximum discretion - modern compact design; simple, fast fitting and removal

* Maximum dependability - advanced odour control with uncompromised security


good if you have one

What is it exactly?

looks like a **** bag?

bloody hell its something you poo in aint it. Well good freebie for those who'd appreciate it, could probably attach it to my dogs backside so i dont have to pick it up then

i thought it was a colostomy bag

it's a stoma pouch (or colostomy bag)

dont think i will bother about this freebie
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