Rescue Me - Season 3 (4 DVD Boxset) £12.85 + Free Delivery @ Zavvi (£11.85 with voucher)

Rescue Me - Season 3 (4 DVD Boxset) £12.85 + Free Delivery @ Zavvi (£11.85 with voucher)

Found 14th Dec 2009
This is my first deal, so be kind!

The cheapest price last week was almost £25 at Amazon.

In this acclaimed TV dramedy, comedian Denis Leary plays Tommy Gavin, a New York fireman coping with the events of 9/11 and his own personal demons: drinking, a painful separation from his wife, and visions of his dead cousin. The other fire-fighters at 62 Truck aren't faring much better. Chief Reilly has a compulsive gambling addiction, ladies'-man Franco Rivera lives life fast and dangerous, and "Lou" Shea simmers with bottled-up frustrations. Season three picks up after the death of Tommy's young son at the end of the last season, endangering his already tenuous relationship with his wife. His extended family isn't making his life any easier, with his uncle (Lenny Clarke) in prison and his father (Charles Durning) in poor health. Tommy seeks solace in the arms of his brother's ex-wife (Oscar winner Marisa Tomei) and his late cousin's widow (Callie Thorne). This season also features guest appearances from Academy-Award-winning actresses Susan Sarandon and Tatum O'Neal. Leary and Emmy-winning Peter Tolan (THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW) write the gripping and darkly humorous show, which resonates with Leary's real life--his cousin, a fire-fighter, died in a tragic 1999 warehouse fire.


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Excellent series.

I can't understand why they haven't shown the 4th and 5th series in the UK.

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Nor me - they could at least release the later series on DVD!

Only official Uk distributer is itunes, therefore there hasn't been any free-to-air broadcast.

Seen every episode. It suffered a wee bit due to the writers strike a couple of years ago but since then it's never been anything other than excellent unmissable telly.

I bought S4 DVD from in their black friday sale for a fiver, can't wait to get watching it!

awesome series

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It's a great series(although not to everyone's taste as no one's voting hot lol) - wonder when series 4+ will come out over here!?
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