Rescue Oil 75ml Only £1 from Poundland (similar to Bio-Oil)

Rescue Oil 75ml Only £1 from Poundland (similar to Bio-Oil)

Found 7th Jan 2010
similar if not the same as bio oil but much cheaper - worth a try at this price

RESCUE OIL 75ml for Scars, Stretch marks, Ageing or Dry skin Rescue Oil is a specialist blend of natural oils which soothe and improve the appearance of the skin and nails. With regular use rescue oil assists in restoring the skin's natural moisture balance and the rejuvenation of wrinkled sagging skin. It is extremely effective on scar tissue, stretch marks and numerous other skin conditions. Rescue oil is safe for all ages and is easily absorbed making it ideal for use as a massage oil or therapeutic bath oil. Rescue oil contains a combination of Vitamin E, Evening primrose oil,Almond oil and Peach Kernal oil. Rescue Oil can be used to help the following: Ageing Skin Scar Tissue Blemished Skin Treatment and prevention of stretch marks Before and after pregnancy massage oil After Sun treatment Dry Dehydrated skin Therapeutic bath oil Safe for all ages For external use only - full instructions on pack.
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Great price if you can get some, i paid a couple of pound more from amazon as my fiancee wanted some.
is that like Poundland, but a bit more chavvy? LOL
They've been selling this there for a long time now. Seen it in many stores so should be available everywhere.
I bought this a while ago from semi chem to try out.Didn't like the feel of it on my skin.

Pondland?is that like Poundland, but a bit more chavvy? LOL:w00t:

yep for all pondlife LOL - sorry will change it
When will you ladies learn?
Nothing can stop you ageing.
40ML at our store
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