Reserve Your FREE Copy of Bumps & Babies Magazine

Reserve Your FREE Copy of Bumps & Babies Magazine

Found 29th Mar 2008
Bumps & Babies magazine is packed with useful in-depth articles to help you understand more about the choices you face during pregnancy, labour and the early days of parenthood. Click the link at the bottom of the page to request your FREE copy of Bumps & Babies.
In your latest issue of bumps & babies
Food fads or facts?
Get to grips with what you should and shouldn't be eating while pregnant.
Your week by week pregnancy guide
From conception to birth - find out how your body is changing and how your baby is developing.
Testing, testing, testing
Understanding the different antenatal tests you may be offered
Sex during pregnancy
Feeling frisky, but think it may be risky? We look at the ins and outs of sex while you're pregnant.
Working through it
Work out your maternity entitlements.
Where will your baby be born?
A hospital birth isn't the only place where you can give birth. You may also want to explore your options around birth centres and home birth.
Putting labour pain in its place
We look at ways of coping with pain in labour.
Breastfeeding - a natural start
Support and information on how to breastfeed your baby, including a visual step-by-step guide to breastfeeding.
Early days babycare
Some tips on coping with washing, bathing and dressing your baby - as well as getting to grips with nappy changing.
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How do you do that please?

How do you do that please?

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