Resident Evil 4 Ltd Edition Chainsaw PS2 Controller + Display Case - Was £39.99 Now £19.99 Instore @ Game

Resident Evil 4 Ltd Edition Chainsaw PS2 Controller + Display Case - Was £39.99 Now £19.99 Instore @ Game

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Found 6th Aug 2008
Spotted this instore in Game today. Out of stock online, instore only.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back outside, NubyTech's newly redesigned Resident Evil Chainsaw Controller is thrashing it's way to a September launch. Based on a chainsaw found in the game, the reddish-orange colour and blood spatters make it more realistic than ever! However, the gore doesn't stop there. The Chainsaw Controller is housed inside a unique package and there's even a 'pull cord' located on the device itself that can be used to start the game - complete with a chainsaw roar! When the fighting is over, the detachable cord can be stored in a compartment in the display stand.

New chainsaw design just for the Playstation 2
Newly added ripcord, which starts the device up with a chainsaw roar
Ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold and use
Unique interactive feature that allows the player to change the position of the weapon in the game by raising or lowering the controller itself
Includes collector stand with compartment for the detachable cord
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I lol'd .....then thought i want one
See the non-ps2 fanboys are about voting cold for no other reason.
Voted hot as currently cheapest around

Seen on amazon ages ago and they were knocking them out at £5 as my mate picked one up but think he still hasnt used it

Probably pointless using on a game other than resident evil due to the button layout with it being designed for use on that series
Yup, I bought a batch of these on Amazon for £5 last year...found them hard to get rid of at car boot sales...
would like one of these. but i still think £20 is a bit much for something that would be used once. would be nice for collectors value though.
still hot as its the cheapest.
TBH they said you'd be unlikely to find these new anywhere now, it's old stock which isn't being replenished.
y has this been expired if instore only
I got one on amazon for a fiver and it looks cool next to my texas chainsaw massacre leatherface figure and evil ash figure from evil dead 3.

I too have the game but have not used the controller.

I may be a little sad.
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