Resident Evil 4 (Nintendo Wii) - Only £9.99 @ Gamestation !!

Resident Evil 4 (Nintendo Wii) - Only £9.99 @ Gamestation !!

Found 25th Jul 2008
In the 24/7 icon, it says £14.99. Add the pre-owned copy to your basket and it comes to £9.99 !!

Back in the early days of the PlayStation, Resident Evil was a must-have game. The definitive survival horror game, it aimed to give players the experience of a videogame that delivered the frights and intense atmosphere of a horror movie. The gameplay involved claustrophobic fixed view cameras and required the player to blast at horrific groaning zombies. Two sequels followed for the Sony console, as well as some special editions and a lightgun spin-off. When RE: Code Veronica appeared on the Dreamcast, the graphics and gameplay developed in line with the then-new console's awesome powers. Since then, the series has continued on PS2 in third-person and lightgun versions. In 2002, the franchise came to GameCube with two titles: RE: Zero, an all-new prequel, and Resident Evil, a remake of the original. This remake, regarded as a worthy and laudable endeavour by some, and something of a white elephant by others, was perhaps the first game to show what Nintendo's diminutive and easily underestimated console was really capable of. The terrifying mansion, rendered in real and vibrant 3D rather than pre-rendered graphics, looked amazing. But as new versions arrived on the PS2, it was easy to believe that Capcom were hesitant to commit fully to the Nintendo system. In something of a departure, the fourth instalment in the series proper debuted on GameCube, and was followed inevitably by release on other - more popular - consoles.


Man the site is grinding to a halt!

So...this is just a deal for a pre-owned copy?

Great price

just got me a copy cheers, saw it this morning at £14.99 and thought could get it cheaper on ebay so decided to hold off but for £9.99 cant argue with that


ordered £9.99 bargain


ordered £9.99 bargain

Does anyone know if this is in store as well?


Does anyone know if this is in store as well?

Use their store locator page and phone your nearest to check

One of the best games on the wii.

Doesn't work for me?


Does anyone know if this is in store as well?

online only:thumbsup:

Doesn't work for me either. Added to basket and still says £14.99

This is an absolutley fantastic game

£14.99 for me too, expired?

Just a glitch I reckon

Well, I couldnt even load the page. Must be a work network glitch again. Typical. Missed this and Quake Wars
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