Resident Evil 4 (PC) £7.99 + Free Delivery @ Coolshop
Resident Evil 4 (PC) £7.99 + Free Delivery @ Coolshop

Resident Evil 4 (PC) £7.99 + Free Delivery @ Coolshop

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Leon S. Kennedy has put the past behind him. The nightmares never end... He survived the outbreak in Raccoon City six years ago. Creatures feeding on human flesh... Now a government agent, he is sent to a remote European village. There's something wrong with the villagers... The President's daughter has been kidnapped. The past is never dead and buried...


Forget Raccoon City.
Three visually breathtaking, massive and terrifying central European locations mean fear has a new home.
Forget zombies.
Face enemies that are quick, intelligent and more menacing. They'll push you to the limits of survival.
Forget old gameplay.
New intuitive controls, aimed weapons and viewpoint mean you're closer to the terror than ever before.
Forget everything you know about Resident Evil.
Forget survival horror. This is the most epic, intense and horrific action game ever.

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Certificate: 15
Platform: PC
Tech Spec: Windows XP, Windows 2000, 1.4 GHz Processor, Pentium 4 or equivalent, 256 MB RAM, Graphics Card 128 MB, Direct X 9.0c, 4x CD/DVD-Rom Speed, Sound Card (Direct X 9.0c Compatible), 7 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required, Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad, Windows Media Player 9 Required


Whats the spec requirements for this, both min and recommended.

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Whats the spec requirements for this, both min and recommended.

Added details above

Sounds good and not too taxing on the PC either


Added details above

Nice one mate. :thumbsup: Ill give this a Hot.


HOT - if anyone buys the game make sure you download the following free legal patch from the following website - improves graphics big time!


Reviews claim that this is lazy port from the Gamecube and PS2 versions. Be warned. But for 8 quid could be worth an gamble cos' it is an ace game.

Thanks again andywedge for the brilliant deals, your post has been featured on ]Dealspwn, the Hotukdeals gaming blog. Thank you for all the great deals!


There are lots of unofficial mods which vastly improve it, the texture mod in particular.

Absolutely terrible port, buy it on PS2 or GC if you want it. Hideous graphics - plain blurry textures that were covered up by low resolutions on the consoles are very much apparent on a PC monitor. They obviously put no effort into porting it properly, it says things like 'press start button' etc, and if you don't have a decent analog pad, don't even bother. The keyboard controls will have you tearing your hair out, and before anyone says anything, yes there is a patch to add mouse control, but it doesnt work properly and you will still have a nightmare trying to control the game.

Avoid like the plague IMO - this one is legendary for being a perfect example of a crappy port. Fork out an extra tenner and get RE5 if you want a RE PC game.

Not tried the PC version but it's great on the Wii

Agreed - bad port but still a must-play for those who didn't get it on gamecube/ps2. Not sure if this can use a control pad but I'd recommend it - mouse / keys simply doesn't work like it should on the pc version.

Glad to see this coolshop deal is doing well and isn't suffering the fools voting my batman:AA deal as cold.

Shame you cant use the mouse to aim
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