Resident Evil 4 (Platinum) PS2 - £9.99 Delivered @ (4% Quidco Available)

Resident Evil 4 (Platinum) PS2 - £9.99 Delivered @ (4% Quidco Available)

Found 6th Aug 2008
4% Quidco also available (0.40p) making it only £9.59 for this game.

After God Of War 2 this has to be my next favourite game on the PS2.
Don't take my word for it just look at the reviews on the net.
Here is the IGN review:-…tml


In Resident Evil 4 players are reacquainted with Leon S. Kennedy, Raccoon City Police Department's idealistic rookie cop from Resident Evil 2. It has been six years since the destruction of Raccoon City and in that time, the U.S. government has been able to destroy the nefarious Umbrella Corporation. Fast forward to 2004 and players rejoin Leon, who is now a U.S. agent with a top-secret mission. He has been tasked to look into the abduction of the President's daughter and his investigation has led him to a mysterious location in Europe. As Leon encounters unimaginable horrors, he must find out who or what is behind everything.

Special Features

Unsurpassed visuals - Resident Evil 4 features breathtaking 3D graphics and effects
Behind the camera view - Camera follows the player from behind and allows for intuitive movement
New never before seen enemies - Creatures that defy the laws of nature!
Advanced AI - Enemies are now smarter than ever and use their cunning abilities to team up and attack the player en mass
Enhanced, deeper story elements - Conversations and monologues can be heard in real time
Action button - Pressing the context sensitive button allows players to perform various actions
Aim and shoot - Ability to zero in on enemies with weapons
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One of the modern day true greats, seems funny now to think it was originally a Gamecube game, I've still got that and also the Wii re-version so unfortunately won't be adding this to my collection.

Nice to see some great PS2 games up lately
]IGN Verdict:-

Resident Evil 4 shocked me in so many ways when it launched on GameCube, and it continues to do so with this PlayStation 2 edition. Capcom has truly given it tender loving care. The lengthy development time has transformed the title into a true masterpiece that really makes you appreciate the level of detail that can be achieved in videogames. Things like shooting the weapons out of the hands of enemies, or perhaps even in mid-air is a rarely seen level of depth. And so even as I went back and played RE4 on PS2, I felt so drawn into the world it was hard to take a break from the action. This is what Resident Evil 4 is all about, and if you haven't played it yet you absolutely must. It's easily one of the top 10 PlayStation 2 games you can lay your hands on. For me, it's probably one of my top 10 games of all-time. There's so much to enjoy, and even though PS2's visuals aren't quite as good as they were on GCN, my jaw still drops at the art design and how immersive the worlds are.

You have to play this game. If you haven't, stop hesitating and do it. And don't go getting distracted, because the worlds just keep changing and wowing you. The idea of the "village" is but a fraction of what RE4 has to offer. If you have played it on GCN, well, whether you buy it or rent it, you'll want to play Separate Ways. It provides a great amount of closure on the conspiracies that you only get a glimpse of during Leon's quest.

This is easily deserving of our editor's choice award. Any difference in scores between PS2 and GameCube is simply a matter of reviewer preference as well as the minor porting setbacks and stiff competition on PS2. Nonetheless, still a must-have title.

Presentation - [COLOR="Red"]10/10[/COLOR]
Few games are so tightly wound. From the sweet cut-scenes to the slick menus, RE4 is a great package.

Graphics - [COLOR="red"]9/10[/COLOR]
Outstanding art direction. A fantastic port that shines with only minor setbacks.

Sound - [COLOR="red"]9/10[/COLOR]
Music that appropriately sets the mood and draws tension. Great composition and overall good quality, with the aid of Dolby Pro Logic II.

Gameplay - [COLOR="red"]10/10[/COLOR]
This is an eye-opening experience. RE4 is a true next-generation game on current consoles. It shatters expectations and delivers an immersive experience that will wow you.

Lasting Appeal - [COLOR="red"]9.5/10[/COLOR]
Plenty of unlockables, a killer set of bonus quests, the arcade-like Mercenaries mode, and a lengthy 20-plus hour quest. There's a lot to enjoy.

OVERALL - [COLOR="red"]9.5/10[/COLOR]
Now showing at for £8.00 with free delivery.
Just noticed that reduced price is through PlayTrade.
"Arrrrrrrrr! I'll buy it at a high price!"

Brilliant game on PS2 (even better on the Wii) Hotty hot hot.
it's superb on the wii -a must for any gamer.
Got my bro the version in the tin for £13 about two years ago from marketplace, this reminds me I must borrow it!
I bought this 15 months ago from play for £10, hardly a hot deal!

Although probably the best £10 I spent on any game.
I ended up ordering it at £9.99 from Play rather than Playtrade.

I bought this 15 months ago from play for £10, hardly a hot deal!Although … I bought this 15 months ago from play for £10, hardly a hot deal!Although probably the best £10 I spent on any game.

yup but a lot of ppl aren't aware of it at that price, so this guy's just kindly pointing it out for others.
Just played this through again for the umpteenth time on the Gamecube yesterday, has to be one if not the best game from the last generation of consoles.
Still impresses me every time I play it & I bought it on import when it was first released.

I think I'll buy it for my PS2 as well just for the Ada Wong extras at this price!

it's superb on the wii -a must for any gamer.

Agreed. I've finished this numerous times on the GCN (in 2005) and the PS2 (in 2006) and now i'm finishing it all over again on the Wii. Admittedly, some will call the ability to accurately aim with the Wiimote as "breaking the game"/"cheating" as it almost nullifies the need for the sniper rifle, and makes the shooting-range bonus game far, far easier, but the Wii version is still a challenging, thrilling and entertaining game.

The Wii version is the definitive version, having the GCN's visuals AND the PS2's side-mission bonuses and proper implementation of 16:9.

On a related note, if you have the PC version, ensure you download the v1.1 patch. ]It bumps up the visuals from PS2-quality to GCN/Wii-quality.
Dear Mr Echo;2690757

"Arrrrrrrrr! I'll buy it at a high price!"Brilliant game on PS2 (even … "Arrrrrrrrr! I'll buy it at a high price!"Brilliant game on PS2 (even better on the Wii) Hotty hot hot.


Hahaha.... thank you.
I think when I played it last I was somewhere near the end of chapter 5, but running very very low on Ammo, I might have to go back to it just to try and finish it.
Best last gen console game by a mile.

Cube version for me - played through it 4 times so far - great with the rocket launcher and unlimited ammo. Also have it on PS2 with chainsaw controller (havent used it yet).

Cant get enough of Resi - RE5 will be a definite buy on PS3.
brilliant game cant wait for number 5 to come on the 360
Can get it on ebay for a fiver new and sealed.
Just finished it, but got to play it again just to earn enough to purchase the Infinate Rocket Launcher which is 1000000 to buy.
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