Resident Evil 5 360 £12.98 @ Amazon

Resident Evil 5 360 £12.98 @ Amazon

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Found 26th Jan 2010
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Chris Redfield, protagonist of the original Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Code Veronica, returns. Lighting effects provide a new level of suspense in both harsh light and deepest shadow
Chris is joined by new character Sheva Alomar, an African special agent tasked with investigating the epidemic 2 player co-op online gameplay means that players are not alone in their fight against the horror lurking around every corner
New enemies bring new challenges: speed and intelligence make adversaries as dangerous singly as they are in groups
An arsenal of weapons at the player�s command to keep the evil at bay, including knives, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and more
True high definition gaming on multiple game platforms, using an advanced version of Capcoms proprietary game engine, MT Framework, which powered the next-gen, million-plus hit titles Devil May Cry 4, Lost Planet and Dead Rising.

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