Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Xbox360 £10 @

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Xbox360 £10 @

Found 30th Nov 2011
I've seen PS3 version posted, but not Xbox 360. Apologies if I'm duplicating.

It's the gold edition, which has code for extra DLC.
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I have this on PS3 and got half way through then got sick of the controls. Wasn't an aweful game but not being able to move and shoot or even issue commands to ya AI partner whilst shooting is bad.
heat...........I am getting bored so I may need to buy some games.
Wrong on the code - at least on the PS3 version everything is on the disc. Lots of content at that...
Not as good as 4 (obv.) but still a decent shooter none the less.
Anyone got a good price on Res 4 on Xbox 360?
Res 4 is on games on demand, get a good deal on some points and buy it from the dash.
great!! ta!!
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