Resident Evil 5 - PS3 - £25.00 Instore @ Asda

Resident Evil 5 - PS3 - £25.00 Instore @ Asda

Found 8th May 2009Made hot 8th May 2009
Resident Evil 5 for Playstation 3 at £25.00 instore at Sheffield Branch, unsure if its nationwide.


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good price, for a good game!

Not in my local ASDA its not..........


Not in my local ASDA its not..........

Our ASDA is useless too, they never have any deals :cry: :x :evil:

Waiting until this drops to £17.99. :evil:

^ I think this will happen soon

They had it in Medway, Kent today


^ I think this will happen soon

I hope so. Have a feeling it will be

Had it in Leicester Fosse Park As well

They had this on 360 + Ps3 at Leigh Asda among others at £25 including Silent Hill: Homecoming and a few more that escape me now.

hope this helps


anyone know if theres any in glasgow? cheers

even if the label still states it's full price theres no harm in asking for a price check, did a price check for someone the other night on a mini dv,label stated 220.97,actual price 99.00(was a one off ie won't recieve anymore stock)


Waiting until this drops to £17.99. :evil:

Me too. Heat added anyway because it's still a good deal for anyone that want's it now :thumbsup:

Yep good news, should mean an online offer of sub £20 will pop up soon - like the 360 version on Shopto the other week.

why are there nvr ppl takin pics of shelves in my local :P

They had this offer in Wakefield ASDA this morning. Think I'll wait for sub 20 quid mark tho.

Just bought mine and the game is great, i'll be gutted if it goes down much soon :roll:

Jusy bought on way home from work tonight - great price!!! (Wythenshawe ASDA - they also had legends of Wrestling, Silent Hill Homecoming and HAWX for £25 too!!


Edit - just notice CroferCombo are you a fellow ram or just live in Derby??

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of course mate, derby till i die

Also had this on 360 in my local. Wrestling, and Street fighter as well, both formats.

Just saw this in the Colchester branch, HOT!

For anyone in Thanet, Westwood has some in stock
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