Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (PS4/Xbox One) £15.85 Delivered @ Base

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (PS4/Xbox One) £15.85 Delivered @ Base

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Resident Evil 7 sets a new course for the series as it opens the door to a truly terrifying horror experience. Set within a sinister plantation in Louisiana and taking place after the dramatic events of RE6, players are introduced to the mysterious Baker family, who have been missing from the area with no contact to anyone. The entire game can be played completely in PlayStation VR (sold separately) for a truly unique experience.

  • This game is classified as certificate 18. It contains content unsuitable for persons under 18 years old. It is illegal to supply it to anyone under that age. DO NOT attempt to purchase the item if you are under 18.
  • Immersive, visceral horror – a new shift for the series to first person view brings the terrifying horror directly up close and personal.
  • Welcome to the family! – introducing Jack and Marguerite Baker, residents in the plantation house in Louisiana but no-one has seen or heard from them for a while causing all kinds of rumours and speculation to develop.
  • Mysterious female – a frightened young woman who seems to go by the name Mia appears in the plantation. Who is she? Why has she been taken by Marguerite Baker? .
  • For ages 18 years and over.
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Excellent spot... Heat, but will wait for the £10-12 price on BF.
Ordered, thanks
saw this a little while ago, was too busy to post lol
I got this in the deal a couple of weeks ago at Asda for £17 but so far I've been too scared to start playing it!
Very tempted to re-buy at this price...
Gonna see what happens in the next few weeks (and kick myself when it goes OOS everywhere).

Is it any good?
I was holding out for sub £15 but it's close enough so I've just ordered.

BubaMan2 m ago

Very tempted to re-buy at this price...Gonna see what happens in the next …Very tempted to re-buy at this price...Gonna see what happens in the next few weeks (and kick myself when it goes OOS everywhere).Heated

I'm re-buying at £10 (new or pre-owned), but this is a cracking price for a fantastic game for those yet to play it.
I got from local tesco £15 on Sunday and its on line when in stock but still great deal
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prankster10138 m ago

Excellent spot... Heat, but will wait for the £10-12 price on BF.

For this it might be worth waiting till the gold edition comes out if you are waiting till BF anyways. Im doing that unless it something ridiculous like £5 on BF.
Put this off because the demo scared the hell outta me. The bargin hunter in me said "give it a go mate, its not that bad"...

Patiently waiting for a similar deal (price point) for horizon zero dawn. Good deal, heat added. The wait continues... 🚶🏾
Still £15 instore tesco if passing by
Got it this time as missed out on the last one due to no stock left. Thanks!
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Got a copy from Ebay resi 7 and 6 for £9.99 each Like new but seller sent me New sealed (PS4 Logo)
Fantastic game, scary but also a bunch of fun, got it on release and it's great in VR or HDR
Loved the demo can’t believe I still haven’t bought the game yet. I want to buy now but not sure whether to wait for the gold edition instead
This game is really scary in places.. and I'm not even playing it in VR
Price shows as £17.85 for PS4.
Loved this game.. hated it in VR though :s well worth £15 had I not got my copy for free to be honest I'd probably still be holding out till it was a 10er it not really being my kind of game but having played this though 4 times now I can safely say I was wrong, it was worth the risk. Great gameplay/emersion! Graphics are nothing to write home about but if graphics are your concern your not into games. Heated. Obviously.
Doesn't exist on website
Ordered last month, still showing as "on back order" in my account status! Wouldn't bother!
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