Resident evil 7 (PS4) £12 @ AO Ebay

Resident evil 7 (PS4) £12 @ AO Ebay

Found 28th Feb
Not too many copies but seems to be a good price for this. Hope it helps someone out.
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I don't care what people say, this is an amazing game. Great atmosphere and has almost washed away the bad taste left by RE6!
Still in stock just bought thanks op
Was oos soon after it was posted, but like you say in stock now, ordered thanks OP.
Stock bouncing up and down, just bought a copy. Thanks op!
if they put the season pass on sale this might work out cheaper than buying gold edition
Back in stock, 10 available
Excellent what a price.. Purchased
Was waiting for the Gold Edition price to drop, but can't resist this. Ordered - thanks.
Back in stock - 50 available.
Heat. Ordered. Been waiting for this to come down even further, but I doubt I will get it for less than £12 including postage.
Cheers op.
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