Resident Evil Afterlife 3D (Blu-ray) - £12 @ Asda (Instore)

Resident Evil Afterlife 3D (Blu-ray) - £12 @ Asda (Instore)

Found 1st May 2011Made hot 3rd May 2011
This was instore at ASDA in Gloucester, don't know if it's nationwide or not.

This is the 3D version (but also plays in 2D on blu ray players)


Release Date: 10 January 2011

Five years ago a deadly infection spread throughout the earth and ravaged its victims, changing them and mutating them to the ranks of the undead. Alice (Milla Jovovich) is still tirelessly searching for survivors and is helped by an old friend.

The dreaded Umbrella Corporation are out to get Alice and the vendetta between the two escalates; there are rumours that a few survivors have found refuge in Los Angeles, but once there, Alice and her crew find that the city has been overrun with zombies; they’ve just stepped into an unexpected ambush.


Terrible terrible movie, I love this series, but this was just terrible


Terrible terrible movie, I love this series, but this was just terrible

Couldn't agree more. This is pants. (not voting)

Good price for a 3d movie (and the picture, 3d and sound quality are excellent), but what a rubbish film.

Yeh my worse 3D movie i have, but like poster before great PQ and sound and great use of 3D.

Am I missing something, what's so great about £12 for a movie?

Its a 3D bluray not normal bluray, but you get a choice to play it in 2D if you want thou.
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Am I missing something, what's so great about £12 for a movie?

the fact that it usually costs more than £12 for this? Still a rubbish film, mind, fancy 3d or not.

It's a good price, and I actually thought that the film was really good, one of the best in the series.

Looking forward to number 5..the more milla the better

Rubbish movie. Milla Jovovich and husband Paul Anderson have together both ruined the potential the Resident Evil movies could have had. The story line is not only dire but has nothing to do with the games. The actors cant act and the director sadly cant direct.

Good price for a 3d bluray but a bad bad movie.

I thought the film was alright I see it in the cinema in 3D

I just got the normal version for £12

I like the resident evil films for what they are, mind numbing action. No brains, just guns and zombies.

I think the Umbrella Corp is how one day Apple will be, instead of the T-virus it will be the i Virus. With devices melted into our brains...

Does anyone know if they are launching a 4disc blu ray boxset? i can only find 1-3 in a boxset on bluray and tho 1-4 are in a boxset on DVD!

Good movie and a worthy addition to the series. I didn't feel that the 3d added to the film. But I love the movie. And the two hot babes in this film.
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