Resident Evil Biohazard - PS4 - 365games - £40.49

Resident Evil Biohazard - PS4 - 365games - £40.49

Found 14th Mar 2017
Resident Evil Biohazard


£40.49 with a load of player points back


Great game and cheapest I have seen it
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Amazed how well this is holding its price, given that it's single-player only and quite short. Brilliant game, though
Yeah, price is too high for me seeing as it's been out a couple of months now and only single player. waiting for the drop.
One of those games that I'll only really consider at the sub-£20 price barrier, if only because survival horror scares the **** out of me. And not in a good way...
I expected this to be sub £20 by now, even cex ain't moved from £45, it hasn't been in a psn or xbox sale either.
Ebay is flooded with this game selling under £30

Short games just quickly get resold
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