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Resident Evil Origins (PS4) - £10.85 delivered @ ShopTo
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Resident Evil Origins (PS4) - £10.85 delivered @ ShopTo

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Posted 8th Jul

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In the original Resident Evil, players choose to take on the role of either S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) team member Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, who have been sent into the city to find the missing Bravo team. With limited ammo and survival items available, gamers need to keep their wits about them to survive the various traps and puzzles that greet them at every stage of the game. This is coupled with the upcoming Resident Evil 0, which takes players back to 1998. Reports have been mounting about unusual murders on the outskirts of Raccoon City. The city?s Special Forces division, S.T.A.R.S., sends their Bravo Team to investigate, including rookie cop member Rebecca Chambers, who meets death row convict and ex-Navy lieutenant Billy Coen. Throughout the game, players take control of both Rebecca and Billy, at times switching between both characters in order to proceed.


- Return to the series? origins ? Discover the truth behind the horrors at the Mansion, and all that came before on the Ecliptic Express with this bundle of two fan-favourite titles.

- Completely enhanced visuals ? Both games now have high-resolution textures that have been created from scratch, including 1080p support on next-gen consoles, while still preserving the classic appearance of the original releases.

- Fully remastered sound effects ? 5.1 surround support provides a more experiential gaming atmosphere that best matches players? listening environments.

- Introducing Wesker Mode ? For the first time ever in Resident Evil 0, players can experience the events leading up to the iconic Mansion outbreak playing as alternative character Albert Wesker, including a special themed outfit and amazing new powers. This mode will provide series fans and newcomers with even more ammo to enjoy!
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Paid £17 2 weeks ago from amazon
Worth £5 each all day. Great remasters of the originals. Updated visuals really make a difference with the immersion
Batmobile54308/07/2019 13:03

Paid £17 2 weeks ago from amazon

If the game was sold directly by Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon you can return it free of charge within 30 days of delivery.

Just chose the option that says 'Performance or quality not adequate' and follow the on screen instructions. You might as well save yourself some pennies.
Thought these two were brilliant but since playing resident evil 2 remake I actually now think they also need a reworking. I'm sure re3 will be next on the agenda but we could very well see remakes of these for the next generation consoles.
Edited by: "dave859" 8th Jul
greatkingshark08/07/2019 13:20

Worth £5 each all day. Great remasters of the originals. Updated visuals …Worth £5 each all day. Great remasters of the originals. Updated visuals really make a difference with the immersion

Yeap played the Demo and I agree
RedAnnette08/07/2019 19:15

Yeap played the Demo and I agree

Voice actings still crap though
greatkingshark08/07/2019 19:49

Voice actings still crap though

^ How dare you!

(I wouldn't have it any other way)
Edited by: "Barryburton97" 8th Jul
I'm always torn between the original and the remake as my favourite game of all time. Nostalgia and atmosphere vs. better graphics and various quality of life improvements.
They're obviously full of quirks and Resi logic that defies all logic, but to me they're both masterpieces.

Zero has a good story and is a fun way to discover Umbrella's history. Some cool areas and monsters too. But the item management really slows things down.
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