Resident Evil: Revelations Freebies (PS4/Xbox One/Switch) @ RE.Net

Resident Evil: Revelations Freebies (PS4/Xbox One/Switch) @ RE.Net

Posted 28th Nov 2017Edited by:"mixmixi"
Note: You must log in to RE.NET to use these codes. More details Here

[List of presents and present codes]

2843816.jpgThe Python's evolution: Serpent (Lv. 3/2 slots)
Present code: serpent

2843816.jpgA rapid-fire P-90: Lead Storm (Lv. 5/3 slots)
Present code: storm

2843816.jpgBring the heat with more firepower! Damage 3.
Present code: damage

2843816.jpgMore bang for your buck: Long Magazine 3.
Present code: long

  • Luck be a lady tonight: Critical 3.
  • Present code: critical
  • Take out the small fry: Green Belt 1.
  • Present code: green
  • That's what I call teamwork: Aura of Strength 2.
  • Present code: commander
  • Heal from a 5m distance! Medical Kit 2.
  • Present code: medi
  • An herb a day keeps the doctor away: Fertilizer 2.
  • Present code: harvest
  • Locally-grown gunpowder: Ammo Magnet 1.
  • Present code: ammomagnet

Note: You must send weapons obtained on RE NET into your game in order to use them. Read below for details.
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mixmixi35 m ago

Also this is specifically for …Also this is specifically for Switch:

Link is dead
The_Guru1 h, 3 m ago

Link is dead

Link is not dead, HUKD mobile app is dead. Try it on a PC or copy paste on browser or go to directly and proceed from there.
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