Resolva Xtra tough weedkiller @ Sainsbury's - £2.50

Resolva Xtra tough weedkiller @ Sainsbury's - £2.50

Found 6th Aug
Reduced from £5 for 1ltr bottle. Purchased from Leeds city centre store.
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Damm. i visited there this morning, wish I had chedked now.
Great thankyou
They had have the 3ltrs pump spray for £8.95 and there's a 5ltr weedol pump action I think that was £12.50
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Get Rosate off eBay, 1 litre for just under £10, use a fraction of it in either a sprayer or watering can. After a couple of weeks, not one weed. Used it for years.
Can this get rid of ivy
Just use normal salt.
jas_rajpal6th Aug

Just use normal salt.

Do you just use dry salt ?
Dilute with water and put in a spray bottle. You could use dry but be careful about plants that you want to keep as it will kill everything nearby.
OOS at denton store, just been.
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