Retention deal on 3 network 30GB data all you can eat mins / text £16 p/m £192

Retention deal on 3 network 30GB data all you can eat mins / text £16 p/m £192

Found 27th Dec 2017
Spoke to 3 got this deal all for £16 a month new 12 month contract
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New contract £12 a month
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Cheaper by £1 than the current offer!
Hmm ...
Not voting either way
Previously 15, but still hot. Just check that you can cancel your existing contract, then tell them that you want to join another mobile provider, for example any good offer from January sales from BT, and stick to that, after talk with two people then they will transfer you to cancel department, and still stick to the plan to leave, finally, after 30 minutes chat, they will give you the offer. Good luck!
Offered me jack s when I threatened to leave. So I left and have been with ee a few weeks and notice no diff in coverage. Customer service from uk call centres I can actually understand and bt sport a bonus. Used to think three were great, now realise they are nothing special.
You would have gotten it cheaper if you cancelled and came back as a new customer through TCB
Has anybody asked for these without threatening to leave? Two months into my Three contract about a year ago I enquired about more data and was offered

Unlimited data
600 mins
Unlimited texts
30GB personal hotspot

For the same price (£16). I was on the 8GB £10 plan previously. 600 minutes is more than enough for me (I don't have many/any friends) and I use the tethering when we spend time at the caravan, so that plan works well for me. I'd much prefer the data over the minutes, but I appreciate that's situational, but probably always worth asking for a better deal during the plan, as opposed to waiting until it's due to expire if you need it.
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3 offered me a great deal to stay. Had enough of poor coverage, even in town centres. Moved to Vodafone, so much better. Best decision I've made.

3 are cheap for a reason.
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nah33d27th Dec 2017

[Image] [Image] New contract £12 a month

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