Retentions deal - Sky Cinema £10 for six months without re-signing tv contract for 18 months

Retentions deal - Sky Cinema £10 for six months without re-signing tv contract for 18 months

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The standard £10 a month deal requires a new 18 month tv contract. i already have a 60 percent discount on my tv package so didnt want a new 18 month contract as id then be paying full price for the second half of the contract! i rang up and asked if i could extend my current discount or get a new one including sky cinema. They immediately offered movies at £10 (a month) for six months without requiring a new tv contract. i can then cancel it or renegotiate.

i know its not any cheaper for the movies but this deal allows me to add on movies without affecting my current contract. i can then get the deals in sync and in 6 months time i can do the normal cancel and renegotiate the whole package. with the speed he offered the deal id imagine anyone who already has a discounted package and just wanted to add movies could get it too.
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So is this £10 for six months, or £10 per month for six months? If the former that's not bad at all and I will give them a call. I have the same 60% discount on TV myself but don't have the movies. Please clarify, thanks.
lol no £10 per month. its the same price just not a new 18 month tv contract. i tried many times to get it cheaper but they werent interested at all since i already had the 60 percent discount on the rest of my package. if i went through all the hoops cancelling then renegotiating i doubt i would have got my overall package much cheaper than i have now and all i wanted to do was add on movies.

this is for people like me who just want to add movies and are happy to pay a tenner but dont want to get stung in a years time when their existing discounts expire. when my discount has nearly expired ill renegotiate the whole lot properly..
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Title reads as a one-off payment of £10 for 6 months
I have an email from them this morning offering it for £9 a month.
I cancelled last week. Other than missing a phone call from them yesterday, I've not received any email, letter or any other communication with a discount. Do you guys just contact sky just before sky are due to remove their services, or do you keep contacting them during your notice period. I've been offered entertainment, movies and sports for £47 with multiscreen. That's without box sets and HD.
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