Retro Gamer Magazine 5 issues for £5 (Promo Code "PPCRET05")

Retro Gamer Magazine 5 issues for £5 (Promo Code "PPCRET05")

Found 8th Jan 2013
May not be for everyone but if you're interested in retro games then this magazine covers everything from every angle.
It really is a fantastic read and normally costs £4.99 per issue so this deal brings you 5 issues for pretty much the price of one! what better way to try out the magazine? Then if you don't like it just cancel your direct debit before the renewal(set a reminder or write a note on your calendar so you don't forget. Or if you find you like the magazine just keep paying and saving 25% on the cost of the magazine (or cancel anyway and hope that this deal or a similar one is still on)

Link is taking some people to the standard subs page, if that happens to you use promo code "PPCRET05"
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Excellent magazine if you remember the day's of Spectrum and C64 computers
Am i missing something, link you have provided just takes me to a standard subscription page, nothing about 5 for £5?!?
heat for retro
If the link doesn't work try…A35!&PPC=Retro-Gamer-PPC&gclid=CMjv2PHF2bQCFQzKtAodmzIA1g
or promo code PPCRET05
Great deal, have some heat....... Excellent magazine & even better deal picture! ; )
Cheers, heat added, promo code seems to work
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