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Posted 10 September 2022

Retro Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard with Emoji Keys, Durable Compact, Bluetooth or USB, Multi-Device - £60.80 @ Amazon

£60.80£75.9820% off
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  • Get loud, get retro: Shout your inner retro out loud with a bold colour combination of black, grey and arcade game yellow, allowing you to make a performance with POP Keys wireless keyboard in Blast
  • Feelings at your fingertips: Unleash your online personality with 8 swappable emoji keys and 1 emoji menu key, all customisable via Logitech Software (on Windows and macOS only)
  • Fun bouncy typing: Experience typing that’s almost addictive on typewriter-style mechanical keys; feel your fingers bounce across the comfy, scooped keys as they click, clack and pop
  • Multi-device: Pair POP Keys with up to 3 devices and hop between them using the Easy-Switch keys; connect via Bluetooth or Logi Bolt USB receiver on Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, iPadOS or iOS

added by louiselouise:

Logitech 920-010573
Official Logitech webpage: logitech.com/en-…tml
3993724_1.jpgSome Amazon Q&As:
3993724_1.jpg3993724_1.jpg3993724_1.jpg3993724_1.jpg3993724_1.jpg3993724_1.jpg3993724_1.jpg3993724_1.jpg3993724_1.jpg3993724_1.jpg3993724_1.jpg3993724_1.jpgCheapest price ever on Keepa (Amazon prices only), keepa.com/3993724_1.jpgGoogle Shopping says, here3993724_1.jpgAmazon reviews (not many at the moment), sorted by variant, here3993724_1.jpg3993724_1.jpgRTINGS says: rtings.com/key…eys3993724_1.jpgMighty Gadget reviews this keyboard: mightygadget.co.uk/log…ew/3993724_1.jpg3993724_1.jpgAs for the switches used - (RTINGS mentions them too, above) - arsTechnica says, arstechnica.com/gad…le/3993724_1.jpgLogitech POP Keys Blast Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Customisable Emoji Keys Review from CarPlay Life:
0:00 - Features
1:50 - Unboxing
3:03 - First-impressions
6:14 - MX Keys Mini Comparison
7:20 - Connection & Feel
9:40 - Software Customisation
13.39 - My Impressions
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  1. Avatar
    I actually love that. No way I’d pay that much for a keyboard, but it looks amazing and if it actually feels like using a typewriter then that’s impressive
    Rumors that two letters stick together on screen are unproven
  2. Avatar
  3. Avatar
    Nice gamer keyboard
  4. Avatar
    Strange addition from Logitech, I have ordered it thanks. I presume the non-BT wireless connection is as good as their other keyboards?
  5. Avatar
    Looks a fun keyboard ! I love the round button range.....
  6. Avatar
    looks cool but it's probably a gimmick. The keys seems smaller than the regular ones (and I've seen a few reviews attesting to that), someone was saying it came with no manual (and yes you do need one to know the special functions etc), and Logitech POP switches? nope, I'm not sold on them either : Review
    The good thing is - this is sold by amazon, so you can test and decide if it's for you or not
    I bought this keyboard on the day this was posted and got it the next day. I have to say I dont like the keys being smaller at all. My fingers are so used to key location on a normal spacing that when I type on this I am constantly hitting wrong keys.
  7. Avatar
    Just get some circular key caps if you already have a custom keyboard. So many options out there on Amazon.
  8. Avatar
    expired, £89.99 now (edited)