Retro Slush Maker @ Prezzy Box £52.86

Retro Slush Maker @ Prezzy Box £52.86

Found 4th Jul 2015
Retro Slush Maker

£54.95 + £3.95 Delivery - Add code PBVC11 for £6.04 off = £52.86

We all love the hot weather and there is nothing quite like a cold, refreshing drink, to quench your thirst and keep you cool in the summer sun. Or even better - a gorgeous soft ice cream to cool you down!

Now, we have the perfect solution to making frozen drinks and ice cream in one amazing contraption! This 1950’s style Retro Slush Maker has been designed so that you can make Slushies and Mr Whippy style ice cream in your very own kitchen.

You can wow friends and family with frozen treats, whether it’s at a barbecue, a party or simply because... you fancy sharing the slush or ice cream with everyone!

You can follow the recipe ideas or get creative and make your own concoction of flavours.

Making a Slushie is easy. All you have to do is use crushed ice or small ice cubes, add a small amount of water and your favourite fruit juice. Then watch the Retro Slush Maker work its magic as it blends the ingredients and serves you a refreshing drink via the dispenser.

To make soft serve ice cream is easy too! Pour your ice cream mixture directly into the unit through the square indention on the top of the unit. Then allow the mixture to blend for up to 15 minutes, then dispense!

The Retro Slush Maker is a great gadget for any kitchen and will make scrumptious fruity drinks and amazing ice cream for kids and adults too!

Please note:

Start each new batch of slushies with 200 grams of rock salt and fresh new ice
Slush Syrups can be used as long as they are not water based
Full sugar drinks must be used, not diet or sugar free
Cordials can be used as long as they are used neat and are not sugar free
The Retro Slush Maker will make up to 2 litres, this include syrups and ice/water. If measuring water/ice mixture, it is 1 to 1 and half litre max.


Produces Soft Ice Cream and Amazing Slush
Easy Assembly
Coated Cylinder for Perfect Results
Watch the Slush Process As It Occurs!
Easy to Clean and Use
Use Your Choice of Fruit Juices or Sugar-Based Sodas
Easy Pour Spout to control the dispense system
Electric Counter-top Model
Uses Standard Outlet
Voltage 220-240v 50HZ
Wattage 20W

Height: 406mm
Width: 197mm
Depth: 197mm
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not quite the same one though dont know if it would be as good
Tbf these are not good I bought one last summer for my little brothers and it takes ages to do and is big and hard to store away! I took it back and got a refund. It was easier to blast ice in the blender and buy the slushie liquid off of Tesco direct and you have the same slush with just less hassle lol!
Slush puppie ice poles in b & m bargains 89p, same thing in the end

Edited by: "WORTHLESSACORN" 5th Jul 2015
I have one of these and they are excellent. Kids love it and apparently makes great slush. Hassle you say, give that to the kids. They use it....they clean it...
Don't forget your salt!
looks good but not worth it...
I had one of these but it took forever, it was long winded and very noisy!
this is not a deal it was this price when I bought one about 3 years ago. horrible machine. could never make a single slush with it. I think I ended up binning it.
Pain in the backside imo good idea in principle but not a great product
I agree totaly rubbish and very noisy
ordered as I never got a Mr Frosty as a kid
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