Retro Weather Fridge Magnets (With Michael Fish) for £5.99 @ Play.Com

Retro Weather Fridge Magnets (With Michael Fish) for £5.99 @ Play.Com

Found 8th Sep 2012
Earlier on today apparently a woman rang the BBC and said she had heard that there was a hurricane on the way. Well if you are watching, don't worry, there isn't.....

Britain's most talked about topic of conversation can now turn to the fridge thanks to these retro weather fridge magnets! These fantastically witty magnets make great kitsch gifts, looking just like the symbols we remember Michael Fish pushing around his weather board. Luckily, you also get a Michael Fish magnet who will be able to push these magnets around your fridge!
Don't like the weather outside, then create your own 70's fridge forecast with our 35 groovy magnets. It might not make a difference to the nasty weather outside, but you do at least feel a bit better about it all - that's the power of the Michael Fish! These magnets are perfect gifts for geeks who used to dream of being a weatherman or just want to relive the days when it did not matter if you wanted to wear a flowery shirt with a tartan jacket...

What will you find in the pack?

1 x Michael Fish
1 x Gales arrow
1 x Storm circle
3 x Wind speeds
2 x Day signs (TOMORROW/TODAY)
1 x Warm front
1 x Cold front
3 x Snow flakes
1 x White cloud
1 x Lightening bolt
1 x Black cloud
8 x Temperatures
3 x Hail drops
3 x Rain drops
1 x Sunny spells
1 x Sunny
1 x Bright intervals
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Where can i find the jumper???
in the 1970,s
Pff, Ian McCaskill or GTFO.
no storm
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