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Retro City Rampage MS-DOS Collector's Edition + PS Vita Physical Edition £55 @ Vblank
Found 2nd Oct 2015Found 2nd Oct 2015
Retro City Rampage MS-DOS Collector's Edition + PS Vita Physical Edition £55 @ Vblank
Few people might like this. Retro City Rampage had a limited physical release for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. 2000 copy's for PS4 and 3330 for the Vita. PlayStation 4… Read more

hit by £18 of customs charges when this arrived yesterday


Not sure blowing this kind of dosh on a nostalgia trip would do it for me. Floppy disks are well confined to history in my opinion. I like physical media, not so keen on the leased (cloud) model but floppy disks were never a great format.


All gone


Only 1 left in stock.


nah its an ice cream

Retro City Rampage dx for ps vita £20.00 @ Retrocityrampage
Found 2nd Apr 2015Found 2nd Apr 2015
Retro City Rampage dx for ps vita £20.00 @ Retrocityrampage
This sold out within days on ps4 and games go for around 100 quid on ebay. This will be the rarest game on ps vita and will be worth at least double the retail.......nice investmen… Read more

Me too, just picked it up...£11.98 to pay. OUCH!


Just received a slip having to pay a fee for it to be delivered, can only assume it's this due to import duty?


Me too!


Just received confirmation of dispatch :)


I haven't got mine yet either, did you receive a shipping confirmation?

Retro City Rampage (PC) - Direct From Developer - £2.29 (Steam/GOG/DRM-Free)
Found 9th Oct 2013Found 9th Oct 2013
Retro City Rampage (PC) - Direct From Developer - £2.29 (Steam/GOG/DRM-Free)
Good price, good game. £2.29 (76% OFF) Anniversary Sale! Direct From Developer "INCLUDES BOTH A DRM-FREE VERSION & STEAM (or GOG) VERSION & BONUS ITEMS! GAME FEATURES … Read more

Agreed on the bundle part, I was convinced it would be in the last one.


I kept on expecting this to be in the Humble Bundle but now he is doing a completely different 3DS port. (With effort put in). I think it won't be for a while. (So as to not end up in the situation he had with Wiiware). I would buy it now if I didn't already own it.


Really enjoyed this game on my Vita, recommended.

Retro City Rampage PC Version DRM free/Steam code £2.51
Found 26th Jun 2013Found 26th Jun 2013
Retro City Rampage PC Version DRM free/Steam code £2.51
***To ensure the cheaper price ensure you pay via paypal to avoid any other added charges*** Latest update gives enhanced graphics and mod support. The new visual mode, called R… Read more

Sorry that should read "Enhanced graphics" The new visual mode, called Retro+, brings in real-time soft shadows and twice as many colors; you can check out examples in the gallery above. Purists can still elect to play with the original 8-bit-style graphics. Modders will be able to craft new objects like vehicles, as well as characters, fonts and color palettes. Today's update adds a mod loading option directly to the game's main menu.


"better graphics" surely in an 8-bit game you want worse graphics! :)


Just make sure you pay by paypal otherwise you could be paying up to £1.50 more as its payed in dollars.


[image missing]


Retro City Rampage (PC) $10/£6.17 (DRM-Free version plus Steam Key)
Found 24th Dec 2012Found 24th Dec 2012
Retro City Rampage (PC) $10/£6.17 (DRM-Free version plus Steam Key)
Released in October 2012! Great deal for a pretty awesome retro top-down parody of the original Grand Theft Auto games. Tons of gaming and pop culture references. The soundtrack is… Read more

This is now £5.95 for the Steam version only.


Actually looks kind of cool, plenty of references to classic games from 80s/90s. But I think its £4 too expensive, worth a couple of quid tops, I've just picked up every counterstrike game from 1.6 to GO for almost the same price.


Utter ignorance. It is not an '80s game but an '80s tribute, made this year and released only a couple of months ago.


Leeparsons - thats a stupid way to vote cold on something! It should only voted be cold if there is a better price elsewhere. For people specifically wanting the game, if this is the best price, it's the best deal; thus, should be hot!


1980s game thats why get an emulator!