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Posted 15 September 2022

Return flights from Newcastle to Riga, hand luggage only, 4/12-8/12 - £29.98 @ BudgetAir

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Using flight booking site budgetair.co.uk you can currently book a return flight on 4th to 8th December 2022 for £29.98
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    Luton- Riga Wizz
    Good price if you live down that way. I think I'd use more than £12 of petrol to get there personally
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    Don’t trust Ryanair, would never fly with them at any price
    Flown with them multiple times and never had any issues
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    Riga is a really nice city to visit. It is very compact and you can see it all in two days easily. The market in the old Zeppelin hangers is worth a good few hours of your time with bars and food outlets as well as the excellent produce stalls. I really enjoyed Riga, but wrap up well if visiting in the more cooler months as it was bitter cold.
    Some would say it’s Baltic
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    Fly to Latvia and back, 30 quid. Train to the airport, 80 quid.
    Bus in Riga from airport to the city: 1£
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    Riga is amazing

    So many great craft beer and food places if you look past the stag do holes.
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    Let my passport lapse to stop biting at these.
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    Why would I want to send my hand luggage to Riga?
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    £39.00 per person for me. Still a good price. (edited)
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    I’d avoid going anywhere near budgetair and just book direct with Ryanair
    What’s the difference? They just book to your email on your behalf? No difference. We used them to fly Kraków return and everything been fine the same as booking directly but cheaper.
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    It's going downhill pretty quick under last Riga's mayor and local gvnmt for the last couple of years, sadly. Very little of tourists... Know because of close ties.
    I think everywhere has struggled the last few years, the impact of no tourist will have just the city budgets and businesses hard. Support them by getting back out to these places and they will thrive again. Love Riga, been twice and would jump at this if the dates worked for me
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    I've flown to Riga a few times but it's been a while since I last went. There was an excellent cheap bus service into the city centre. Two guys on the same flight as me took a taxi to the same hostel I was in and arrived around the same time I did.
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    I’ve always fancied Newcastle!
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    Hope to with family next year.