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Return Flights Gatwick to New York | 21-28 March | Jet Blue | Range of dates Feb-Apr £248 via TravelTrolley @ Skyscanner

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I'm off to New York around the same time and paid about a hundred quid more going BA (grrr)

*illustrated with some of my holiday snaps from last summer 😁*

Lots of dates...
Availability from February to April 2023

Example dates:
18th-25th Feb
18th-26th Feb
18th-27th Feb
18th-28th Feb
19th-27th Feb
19th-28th Feb
22nd Feb – 2nd Mar
22nd Feb – 3rd Mar
22nd Feb – 4th Mar
23rd Feb – 3rd Mar
23rd Feb – 4th Mar
23rd Feb – 5th Mar
24th Feb – 4th Mar
24th Feb – 5th Mar
2nd-12th Mar
3rd-12th Mar
3rd-13th Mar
4th-12th Mar
4th-13th Mar
4th-14th Mar
5th-12th Mar
5th-13th Mar
5th-14th Mar
5th-15th Mar
6th-13th Mar
6th-14th Mar
6th-15th Mar
6th-16th Mar
7th-15th Mar
7th-16th Mar
7th-17th Mar
8th-15th Mar
8th-17th Mar
8th-18th Mar
9th-16th Mar
9th-18th Mar
10th-17th Mar
10th-18th Mar
10th-19th Mar
10th-20th Mar
12th-20th Mar
12th-21st Mar
12th-22nd Mar
13th-20th Mar
13th-21st Mar
13th-22nd Mar
13th-23rd Mar
14th-21st Mar
14th-22nd Mar
14th-23rd Mar
14th-24th Mar
16th-24th Mar
16th-25th Mar
16th-26th Mar
21st-28th Mar
21st-29th Mar
21st-30th Mar
21st-31st Mar
23rd-30th Mar
23rd-31st Mar
23rd Mar – 2nd Apr
24th Mar – 2nd Apr
24th Mar – 3rd Apr
26th Mar – 3rd Apr
26th Mar – 4th Apr
26th Mar – 5th Apr
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  1. Avatar
    Any idea how much i need to pay generally for 1 year baby
    Pretty sure it's illegal in UK to buy babies so maybe best not to ask
  2. Avatar
    Covid jabs are still a requirement to go to 'murica. Keep that in mind
    Authoritarian US regime
  3. Avatar
    Living in London is there much point going to NYC?
    Yeh to get away from London xD
  4. Avatar
    Flew with Jet Blue last year - fab airline
  5. Avatar
    Bargain! No real reason to go to York though.
    The Shambles are quaint.
  6. Avatar
    Was literally looking at NYC for Feb 16 for a week. Good shout op! (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Nice pics
  8. Avatar
    I would only book direct with an airline myself
    Why? Travel agents aren't a new thing. Just book on a credit card if you want extra piece of mind. No point paying extra for the same service
  9. Avatar
    Any good value places to stay that people have been to before and recommend?
    yup would be keen on suggestions too
  10. Avatar
    Heat added, be mindful that the pound to the dollar is pretty weak (1.20 or so) and I can’t see it getting much better either
    I went in the summer - it's brutally expensive at the moment!
  11. Avatar
    Jet Blue? Are they the Betamax of airlines.
    Have you used them?
  12. Avatar
    Then links to reputable websites to book like Flysharp, Travel trolley and gotogate
    Travel Trolley and Fly sharp are both part of Southall Travel, a long established agent. If you want extra piece of mind, use a credit card. I've used agents many times and the only issue I've had was TravelUP, who charged me £50 to process a refund when my flights were cancelled because of lockdown.
  13. Avatar
    Someone's been watching the macmaster
    Dunno why he exists, always off abroad without his family and only eats two meals
  14. Avatar
    Did anyone use this TravelTrolley or FlySharp? and had a good experience?
    They're both brands of Southall Travel, a long-established agent. Book on a credit card if you want extra piece of mind, but you'll be fine otherwise