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Posted 26 January 2023

Return flights Luton to Istanbul in March to May - £61.98pp (= £30.99pp either way) @ Wizz Air

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Example departure dates: 28 Mar, 9-11 Apr, 18-19 Apr, 2 May, 23 May
Example return dates: 28 Mar-1 Apr, 3 Apr, 5 Apr, 21 Apr, 29 Apr, 4 May, 12 May, 21 May, 23 May

Example: 28 Mar to 1 Apr
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  1. ImmyDealHunter's avatar
    From about 20th March to 20th April will be Ramadan so expect daytime places might be closed as people will be fasting.
    cjhilton49's avatar
    Living in Istanbul,I have found that most places and services,ie buses,taxis,banks and rail are all open during the Ramadan period,possibly 1 or 2 eating places close for the month,but most are open,eating places do get buzy,crowded as the fasting time breaks,there is a 3 day holiday at the end of Ramadam and certainly a lot of places will close on the 1st day,banks etc,small shops and shopping malls may open later but overall certainly in Istanbul and also in holiday resorts it's no problem.
    There is now an underground Metro train from the airport, which costs approximately 30TL ( £1.50 ), about 40 mins to central Istanbul,2 changes needed at present,look for the U sign at airport,note in the city the metro is signed by M.A taxi to central Istanbul is approx 400TL, so a good saving. (edited)
  2. boostii's avatar
    Swizz Air - not going to force feed my own opinions of the airline on here, but would recommend doing ur own research before booking.
    refaey's avatar
    I've been to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on WizzAir last week.
    Outbound journey with transit in Bucharest, Romania.
    Inbound journey with transit in Budapest, Hungary.
    So four flights in total - each one was on time, the hosts/hostesses were nice & polite, take off & landing was smooth, and they also had food & drink for very reasonable prices. I would give them 10 out of 10 (within the budget airline bracket).

    That was my first time with WizzAir and, at these prices, it won't be the last.
  3. Cyb's avatar
    What if you don't want to return to Luton????
    TiredParent's avatar
    Then you stay in Istanbul
  4. yorkie12's avatar
    If you are prepared to take the risk of booking with Wizz good luck to you. They seem to be on every travel program lately. Not giving refunds for cancelled flights, switching flights, using a premium number for their customer services, the list goes on. They completely stopped flights from DSA and Cardiff with little or no warning, this action caused the closure of DSA. Personally I wouldn't trust them with my holiday.
    FAMILYGUY's avatar
    Wizz wasn't the only downfall of DSA. I was one of the last to fly with Tui to Turkey. DSA owners were to blame for not pulling their finger out and trying to attract other airline providers to fly from there.
  5. brave_noah's avatar
    Great deal already got few tickets
    hotsir's avatar
    What’s Luton like? I’ve never been but keep hearing bad reviews?
  6. bushman's avatar
    Viewed a Watchdog episode earlier this week. Apparently if you have to speak to Wizz customer Services, the phone line charges you close to 2 quid per MINUTE. 2 people (verified) ran up phone bills of over £100 each as their issues had to be resolved by voice, as chat & messaging were ignored).
    Have flown with Wizz to Northern Macedonia before... no issues. BUT you judge an airline by their response to when things go wrong!!
  7. ElliotLewis's avatar
    Any deals for Constantinople?
    Romeo786's avatar
    Yeah the deal is this, Byzantines surrender the city or complete annihilation.
  8. mrdeeznutz's avatar
    I bet folk from Istanbul are dying for a vacation to luton
    bushman's avatar
    Luton does have better Donner Kebab than Istanbul though... it's known as foodi vacations
  9. phoenix2kmb's avatar
    Luton airport is small, so no miles of walking to get to gate. It has toilets, coffee and food places, a duty free shop and is a place to catch a plane, no thrills. Wizz do cancel flights, then offer same route with a limited time frame to choose a rebooking from, or you get a credit + 10% extra. Best thing is, there is now competition which should keep fares a bit lower, they are also flying to Dalaman. I have just booked for Dalamna, a 17.99 there and 12.99 back end of March, I am a discount club holder.
    hotsir's avatar
    Thank you
  10. jinkssick's avatar
    Every WizzAir thread is exactly the same. Much like Ryanair ones. People who travel with no travel insurance, don't pay with card for s75, want all luggage included and expect first class service on cattle class.
    Grazz0r's avatar
    I'm not sure it's Wizz that's the problem. It's that you need to go through the worst airport in the world! Yes, Istanbul is great, but Luton airport is to be avoided.
  11. bigbadwolves's avatar
    Wizz air...
    hotsir's avatar
    + Luton = delays / cancellations
  12. Gollywood's avatar
    Love Istanbul. But wouldn't go with Wizz Air
    t4r's avatar
    Please do elaborate - worse than Ryanair or BOL? (Which weren't too bad to be fair)
  13. montrose1's avatar
    They should be awarded worst airline of this century.
  14. andy.clifford's avatar
    Seriously this is the worst airline company in the world. Hot deal my rrrs.
  15. pikachukopokemon's avatar
    Wizzair cancelled my flights from cardiff
    Then refunded through credits
    Now I need to get the credits transferred to my bank account but they asked for IBAN AND SWIFT number which my credit card does not have?
    Anyone experiencing this
    Tea_Time's avatar
    You have 3 options when they cancel. Rebook on a similar route within 90 days, refund or credit. Did you not get a choice? Your bank account will have an iban
  16. brave_noah's avatar
    really i have lot of tickets from wizzair
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