Return flights to NZ from £571 inc. taxes @ Air new Zealand

Return flights to NZ from £571 inc. taxes @ Air new Zealand

Found 18th Feb 2009
Air New Zealand has just slashed the price of flights to New Zealand as part of its Kiwi Sale, so you can now fly to Auckland for just £571 per person, including tax. Plus, you can also book a FREE stopover in Hong Kong or Los Angeles.

This special offer is valid on flights from Heathrow between 12 April and 15 June (we found the best availability in May and June). The sale ends on 10 March.
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Very good price. Has anyone flown with them? Any good?
£600 odd is the offer price norm for most companies around May - June (their winter)
In fact, you can fly down under with Cathay Pacific (who I am sure would provide a much better flight) from £559
Flown many times with them, they're not bad at all, videos on demand and newish planes. Though the food is usually awful.
I agree that at those times most airlines are around the £600 mark.
Look out for other airlines special offers.

I have flown most of the main airlines to Nz.

Air New Zealand have recently upgraded their facilities on board. And are now setting the standard.

Downside to their new modern image are their aged staff who are somewhat matronly.
Will take a while for the younger, can-do, customer service orientated staff to filter through.

Singapore Airlines wins hands down on trips to Oz/Nz. Both facilities and staff are outstanding.
me and my missus just flew with them in january.
Excellent service, great legroom ( I'm 6ft and had about 5 inches from my knees to the seat in front), Excellent in flight entertainment and I actually didnt mind the food at all.
Would definately recommend
Fly out in their winter, and go skiing at Whakapapa, the ski hire/pass was cheap (compared to the Alps) when I was there 4 years ago. How I wish I had £10M cash.
I agree - Air NZ are very good. Not as good as Singapore as "cityslicker" said, but I'd choose Air NZ over BA / Virgin / KLM any day (and I have). I've found their crew on long haul flights very friendly and helpful. Planes are pretty new, seats are comfortable and the entertainment systems with video on demand are excellent. Food is OK, standard airline stuff. Voted hot.
Is it possible for the stop over in LA to be a couple of days?
Cant remember where I heard it from but I heard the leg room with Air NZ is generally more than most airlines.

It wouldnt surprise me... people from NZ seem to be taller in general from what I have seen.
Agree with cityslicker that Singapore Airlines were miles better. Amazing place for a stopover as well, not sure if they still do the Singapore Stopover deal with cheap hotels (cheap in price - not poor quality).
Safer walking around Singapore at night than my local town park, missed the litter and graffiti of home!!!
Flew with them from LAX > LHR in October. Best airline I have ever flown with. Amazing legroom, above average food with free drinks (inc alcohol). About 300 tv channels and Sony branded headphones.
Good deal but a poor airline!
over the last year have flow several times with them
(Sydney-Christchuch-Auckland-Fiji-Cook Islands Via Auckland - LA.
Problems on every flight from several delays to lost luggage.
I've flown to NZ 6 times in the last 18yrs (twice with Air NZ so have a good comparison although over and extended period) and would definitely fly with them again.
Whichever carrier you use all long haul flights arrive in Auckland or Christchurch , now the big advantage with Air NZ is if you want to fly on to another internal destination say for example Wellington they include that for free. :thumbsup:
Just such a shame you can't get anywhere near this price between Dec./ Feb.
I've literally just got back from NZ after flying with Singapore Airliines but where the outbound flights were fantastic, the return flights were just average and having flown with Air NZ previously I would have put the return flights on a parr with SIA. I agree that Singapore as a stopover is fantastic. Check out [url][/url] for reviews and seat pitch information.

Air NZ has 34" legroom from memory which is one of the better ones.

Also meant to add that we paid over £1000 each so this price is great although obviously is for their winter.

Is it possible for the stop over in LA to be a couple of days?

you can as i did with air NZ. i also rate them very highly
its cheap cos its low season and coming into winter
June is getting into Ski Season
Having flown quite a few airlines on long haul routes, find Air NZ equal to any of the best. Was a while a few year s back when Air NZ planes were older relative to other airlines who had newer planes, but not think that is reversed, as they have upgraded their fleet over past few years. Really comes down to route you want to fly and where you want to stopover .
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