Return travel anywhere in Scotland for only £15 @ Scotrail (Over 55's)

Return travel anywhere in Scotland for only £15 @ Scotrail (Over 55's)

Found 26th Aug 2009
Scotrail have a great deals from the 1st Sept until the 13th Dec 2009.
£15 return to and from any rail station in Scotland and £19 for a first class ticket.
There are some exceptions but not many see the Scotrail web site for details.



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[COLOR=Olive]For over 55's only?[/COLOR]

useless for me - over 55's only

:whistling:Them's the breaks:roll:

[COLOR=Olive]I'm voting hot anyway as it's still a good deal[/COLOR]

Going to let my mum know about this, it seems like a great deal - thanks for post!

Might as well put 'White only' on the trains.

Blatant ageism.
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