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NAVASSA MEDIUM SUITCASEWas £59.00 Now £25.00 @ Revelation London
Found 19th Feb 2018Found 19th Feb 2018
NAVASSA MEDIUM SUITCASEWas £59.00 Now £25.00 @ Revelation London
With its stunning design and elegant silhouette, Navassa is a pleasing range in a selection of attractive colours. Available in robust ABS, this will certainly make travel fun! Du… Read more
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Dmensions in cm (H x W x D)68 x 46 x 27 cm. So I think it won't be hand luggage for most budget carriers.




This looks to be the exact same design as Samsonite. Same lock, same handles?


Is this small enough for hand luggage? Thanks


this also...

Alex Medium Suitcase - available in various colours £19 / £23.50 delivered @ Revelation london
Found 11th Feb 2018Found 11th Feb 2018
Alex Medium Suitcase - available in various colours £19 / £23.50 delivered @ Revelation london
Available in bright pop colours, Alex has internal and external pockets for organisation. Organised With an internal mesh pocket and elasticated packing straps with quick release … Read more
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deleted1391139 £19


entry price £85??? :) you gotta be joking for £19 OK for what it is, just not that good quality


Any reviews?


This is not an Antler suitcase!

Found 31st Jan 2018Found 31st Jan 2018
Our colourful range Eden is perfect for all your holiday needs. A fabulous print, it'll be easy to spot on any luggage carousel! Durable With a tough outer coating of PC film, E… Read more

arrived in 48 hours free of charge delivery. good quality and interesting design.


Ordered thanks


Great find, thank you OP :)

Revelation - NAVASSA CABIN SUITCASE 55X40X20CM £22 delivered @ revelation London
Found 31st Jan 2018Found 31st Jan 2018
Revelation - NAVASSA CABIN SUITCASE 55X40X20CM £22 delivered @ revelation London
Revelation Navassa hard bodied cabin suitcase 55x40x20cm. 4 x 360 degree wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Fixed combination lock. 44 litre capacity and 2.6kg weight. Plus 10 year w… Read more

Great deal, couldn’t find anything of this quality cheaper!


I have 3 pieces of antler luggage . Been going strong the last 4 years ( 3-4 trips a year ) Ordered this luggage and medium size (£25) , arrived Friday and it’s pretty good weight wise and feels great quality . Real bargain .


But they haven't put their name on this :) I asked about quality in a antler thread comparing it to a revelation case and got this reply " Revelation is a cheaper alternative sub brand of antler, hence the low rrp. I bought a revelation once thinking they were the same, the quality was far inferior to antler. They look similar in photos though and antler don’t make it clear at all which is just odd and i think damages their main brand"


Lowest quality? They put their name on it so the quality will be fine, they wouldn't want to risk that. I think the main differences would be the materials and designs.


Also note that the revelation range are the lowest quality compared to the proper antler products

Found 3rd Jan 2018Found 3rd Jan 2018
Was looking at the Green ones on the other post which have now increased in price and came across these. Still £79 on amazon.… Read more





They have medium going at £25 good bargain down from £75




Glad you liked them (party)

Large revelation suitcases reduced on the revelation website
Found 29th Nov 2017Found 29th Nov 2017
Large revelation suitcases reduced on the revelation website
Revelation London have some brilliant deals on their suitcases for cyber week . I needed a large suitcase but was struggling to find a decent one under £45-50 that didn’t weigh 5kg… Read more
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I got the Remy. No complaints as yet. Seems solid enough but I'm sure the baggage handlers can undo that.


Hi I was just looking to buy one too. Is this any Good? Thanks


Super quick delivery I got it a day after I ordered it


Perfect! Thanks, just ordered a couple turquoise Amafi ones. Heat added

Monza DLX 114L Trolley Bag £39 @ Revelation London
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
Monza DLX 114L Trolley Bag £39 @ Revelation London
Been looking for a decent trolley bag to take travelling with me next year and most decent 80L+ bags are £100+ Just seen this down from £120 to £39 including delivery so thought I … Read more

Nice work OP, Heat for this, also the link is to a Double Decker bag and its bigger than 80L but same price, I'm grabbing a couple. Taken from product page: Packing Capacity (L) 114 Maximum Volume (L) 126


Larger also there at £45


Got one of these as a replacement after BA smashed an older version, it’s good quality done about 100 flights since then and still in good condition. The older version was more practical this one smaller but overall a good bag.

TRINITA LARGE SUITCASE £35 @ Revelation london
Found 19th Jul 2017Found 19th Jul 2017
TRINITA LARGE SUITCASE £35 @ Revelation london
delivered, two colours to choose Product specifications: Colour Trinita Red Dimensions in cm (H x W x D) 79 x 54 x 31 Material ABS Packing Capacity (L) 109 Maximum Volume (L) 138… Read more
ZANZIBAR LARGE SUITCASE 10 Year warranty  £35 free delivery @
Found 30th Jun 2017Found 30th Jun 2017
ZANZIBAR LARGE SUITCASE 10 Year warranty £35 free delivery @
Looking for some suitcases and came across these dont think its to bad of a price with a 10 year warranty also comes in magenta. Zanzibar Features: 10 year warranty Lightweight tr… Read more

which are the reputable brands?


We just bought some 'soft' Revelation cases (med & large) Havana design - med works find for push along wheels (360 degree rotation) but the large one is a absolute sod, has a mind of its own and will not push easily. Will be going back for refund. It was a good deal just 59 quid for both, but now seen med/larg 'hard' Revelation cases in Morrisons, 40 quid and 25 quid (large and med). They look really good value. Surprised they are not on HotDeals, but then just had a look and Morrisons not listing them (yet), perhaps its a local deal?


4 wheeler from a reputable brand are a better bet and this has no locking system good value but limited specs EliTom


it is always a trade off between weight of the case and the robustness of the case an ultralight case will not protect the contents very well - do you want your case to protect the contents? 4.5kg is about the normal weight for a hard sider I would rather the contents get there in one piece than be able to pack a 1 kg more EliTom


Too Heavy.

Cabin bag. 4 wheels £25 @ Revelation London
Found 24th Jan 2017Found 24th Jan 2017
Cabin bag. 4 wheels £25 @ Revelation London
I was looking for a 4 wheeled cabin bag. Most seem to be around £40. This one from Revelation is £25.00 with free delivery. Reduced from £50 Ana includes a 10 year warranty. Lots… Read more
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Even hotter with the code


purchased and managed to get another 15% off with discount code GROW15 so paid £21.25 with free delivery. Thanks op :)


I found this one but it's bright yellow


Looks nice however my wife wants a 4 wheel hard cabin case! Any deals around? Thanks


I bought this today from Amazon for £28.. 44 litre capacity, good if you're not fussed about having any wheels!

Revelation London (Antler) super light cabin suitcase £18 reduced from £100
Found 29th Sep 2016Found 29th Sep 2016
Revelation London (Antler) super light cabin suitcase £18 reduced from £100
Cabin suitcase (fits most airline requirements, check with individual airlines) from Revelation London- which is a brand belonging to the normally very pricey Antler. £18 reduced f… Read more
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Ah right. If you got the £18 case and really wanted free delivery, it does state they offer free and easy returns. So you could buy something else to go over the £20 and then return it (do check their returns page first for how this works as I've not checked). Not sure if it would be worth the hassle but just a thought. Or some of the other cases are £20 so would qualify for free delivery if you weren't bothered about having the lightweight one.


Free over £20....


Tempted to buy that 4 wheel one I saw earlier... Though, do I really need one? Sure a 4 wheel is handy when you're in the que for checkin but do I really need to waste cash for those 10 minutes of simplicity.


It's free delivery for orders of £20+


If this was never for sale at £100 then they should be taken to task for advertising as such

Revelation Suitcase Set (4 Wheel Spinner Medium & 2 Wheel Cabin Case) £39 inc P+P, SUITCASE SALE STARTING FROM £19 @ revelationlondon
Found 15th Sep 2016Found 15th Sep 2016
Revelation Suitcase Set (4 Wheel Spinner Medium & 2 Wheel Cabin Case) £39 inc P+P, SUITCASE SALE STARTING FROM £19 @ revelationlondon
Excellent deal! I purchased these the other day and they are great suitcases 2 Pc Set availiable in Black, Blue and Aubergine for £39 inch P+P Many other deals online for cabin … Read more
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Ordered yesterday and received today... Can't fault them for fast delivery esp. when it's free delivery! Quality of the bag leaves a lot to be desired. They are very thin and lightweight with no metal frame running round the suitcase like a good bag should. I don't see the bag lasting much more than one or two trips :(


Hey folks, for those that have received theirs, which model did you get and what is the quality like? How long did it take them to deliver?


Great deal just what I have been looking for, ordered a medium theo for £22 including free delivery. Just in time for our holiday in october. Have some heat!


Well done. Excellent deal. Haven't bought one yet - may be it will go by the time I get to it. The purple set looks really good.


Weightless A1 Medium Suitcase Green £22[image missing] Theo Medium 4 Wheel Spinner Suitcase in Black, Aubergine and Blue £22[image missing] Stratus Medium Suitcase 4 Wheel in Raspberry and Black £22[image missing]

Alex M1 Cabin Suitcase £23.00 (was £39.00) @ (with FREE delivery & 5 year warranty)
Found 31st May 2016Found 31st May 2016
Alex M1 Cabin Suitcase £23.00 (was £39.00) @ (with FREE delivery & 5 year warranty)
So after I found out the American Tourister small cabin suitcase ran out of stock on the ebay store I needed to find a similar suitcase that was more aless the same in price and sp… Read more
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seems that they've sold out of all cabin suitcases... sorry folks :(


OOS all colours?


Good deal voted hot Only red left.


Not bad, note that many airlines allow larger, for example Easyjet is 56 x 45 x 25 cm


found a good review of it on the site here Ed Rex, of Rexy Edventures says: "As I went kicking and screaming into my thirties last year, I realised that I was no longer a backpacker. In fact, I’ve become a luxury flashpacker. With that in mind, I needed new hand luggage to take on exclusive and swanky city breaks, beach holidays or even a glamorous festival or two. Enter the funky, modern and professional looking Alex M1 Cabin Suitcase from Revelation London. It has already served me in good stead on my journeys across the UK and I anticipate it to be well used on my trips to the continent this year." Capacity 5/5 The bag is definitely hand luggage sized (50 x 40 x 20cm, weight 2.8kg). I don’t think even Ryanair would stop this coming on board! It’s small, compact and yet, like a Tardis, it feels like it’s bigger on the inside! I’ve had absolutely no problems placing it into luggage holds and quite often, just sliding it under the seat in front of you. Functionality 4/5 This bag has two outer pockets - perfect for whipping out a book, passport and travel information without having to open your entire suitcase. There's a mesh pocket in the inside of the suitcase lid. I usually store my valuables in there so they don’t get crushed. The handle is strong, sturdy and offers complete control so that the suitcase doesn’t topple every now and again. The reason I’ve given it 4/5 is that there are no crush releases, so you have to be careful in how you pack. Durability 5/5 This suitcase has gone through thunderstorms, a horrible crash from a train suitcase hold and having to keep up with my fast walking speed. So far, it’s been very good and no damage can be seen. Style Factor 5/5 This is the Channing Tatum of the hand luggage world. Its red colour puts to shame all the black and soft felt suitcases that are carted around on long journeys. Value for Money 5/5 It’s totally good value for money: it’s long-lasting, stylish and very functional. Best For Luxury flashpackers who want to showcase their personality and have a good, sturdy and fashionable bag.

suitcase sale @ revelationlondon
Found 12th Apr 2016Found 12th Apr 2016
suitcase sale @ revelationlondon
Just thought someone else might be looking for a good suitcase that didnt cost the earth... ive been looking for ages for a bright suitcase that i would see at the airport... i bou… Read more

just bought 4 cases... 3 lightweight hold bags and a matching cabin bag... the way they get chucked around I refuse to pay proper money on luggage anymore, it's disheartened when they come back messed up and before anyone comments yes I was a baggage handler when at uni but I always handled every bag with care as if it was my own...


I wasn't sure about this site, to be honest as the prices seem so low. It does appear to be the Antler company, though so I'm going to order a case and see how it goes. What's the quality of the case you bought? Is it what you expected? Really good find at these prices for genuine Revelation/Antler make.

LES ARCS LARGE SUITCASE £33 delivered @ Revelation London
Found 12th Mar 2016Found 12th Mar 2016
LES ARCS LARGE SUITCASE £33 delivered @ Revelation London
Large suitcase was £110 now £33. Other sizes still in stock, medium £30 and cabin £27. Lots of other nice cases on offer plus free delivery on orders over £20.
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Just received cabin and medium cases. I will be sending them back. Cabin case is faulty - wheels doesn't spin freely. Medium has some marks on it. They are not so well made as Antler luggage. Inner fabric is in light blue colour with funny dots. Apparently were made for women. Would buy again anything with revelation logo on it.


Appears OOS now