Revels, M&Ms etc with cinema promotion 3 for £3 at Asda
I remember there being a post about the same subject but cant find it. But I think that the sweets are now cheaper. You need 8 tokens for 2 cinema tickets so it should cost you £9 for the sweets and tickets that must retail for over £13


Also any 2 for £2 at tesco.....

Great tip thanks! Do you have to send off the tokens for the tickets?

Can I also ask which cinema this can be used for?

i'm pretty sure they're only for Cineworld. You post off the 8 tops and they send you a pair of tickets. not bad when you consider the savings made on the purchases:
8 x bag of sweets (@ £1.74 per bag normally) = £13.92
2 cinema tickets for Cineworld = £12.80
Total cost = £26.72
minus offer price of £1 per bag of sweets = £18.72 saving compared to buying them normally!!! - that should cover the cost of a cola and small popcorn in the cinema!!!!

EDIT: I was using the price in Tesco's - 2 bags for £2

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I have just found the old link. Prices are the same, my mistake.

In my defence I did search before I posted.

2 for £2 in sainsburys aswell.
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