Revo BLIKSTATION/BLACK DAB and Internet Radio (IPod Jack) £118.95 + Free delivery @ The Flat TV Company

Revo BLIKSTATION/BLACK DAB and Internet Radio (IPod Jack) £118.95 + Free delivery @ The Flat TV Company

Found 13th Dec 2008
Blik RadioStation The World's First Hybrid DAB and Internet Radio

The Ultimate Radio For The Digital Generation

BLIK RadioStation leads a new generation of multi-format digital radio devices, capable of providing reception of DAB and DAB+ digital radio, internet radio and conventional FM broadcasts.

BLIK RadioStation is the ultimate one box digital radio, providing an unprecedented choice of over 9,000 stations from around the globe.

Whether your preferred station is broadcasting from your own country on DAB or DAB+ digital radio, or on the other side of the world via the internet radio platform BLIK RadioStation is ready to deliver.

BLIK also provides coverage of traditional FM radio, comprehensive electronic alarm clock functionality and the added benefit of doubling as an iPod speaker system.

Throw-in class-leading audio performance and the ability to stream music from your PC or Mac, and BLIK RadioStation becomes the radio of choice for the digital generation.

BLIK Features

* High sensitivity DAB and DAB+ digital radio
* Compatible with current and future DAB standards
* Full specification Wi-Fi internet radio
* Easy access to over 9,000 internet radio stations
* FM radio reception with RDS
* Stream music from your PC or MAC
* Digital alarm clock with sleep and snooze
* Large black LCD screen with icons
* Eight favourite station presets
* iPod speaker system functionality
* Includes compact remote control
* 3.5mm headphone connector
* Stereo RCA line-out connectors

Key DAB Radio Features

* Clear digital audio
* Widest choice of terrestrial radio stations
* No tuning select by station name
* Interference free - no hiss, pop or fade
* Scrolling text information

Alarm Clock Features

* Wake-up to DAB radio, internet radio, FM radio or buzzer
* Four separate alarm memories
* Select one-off, daily, weekday or weekend alarms
* User-definable snooze, from 5 60 minutes
* Customisable sleep function between 15 90 minutes

DAB+ Explained

* DAB+ is a further development of the existing DAB platform and is currently being adopted in a number of new and emerging digital radio markets such as Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Czech Republic, Israel, Malta, Hungary, Kuwait, Malaysia and New Zealand. BLIK RadioStation is ready to receive DAB+ broadcasts from the moment you open the box and turn it on.


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Gadget show review.
Voted best mid range DAB Radio…ion

Just bear in mind that this uses the Frontier Silicon internet radio portal. I have found that this is faster but lacks some of the features of Reciva. You can still listen again to BBC etc. but - for example - there is no way to display the metadata showing the track details. And using it with a NAS or listening to LAST FM do not seem to be possible.

You should also consider the portable PICO version of this set if you think battery powered independence would be useful. This latest version has increased the off mains time to several hours.

I have little use for DAB radio myself - only of value if you can't get online somewhere.
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