Revo Radios - Warehouse Clearance Sale

Revo Radios - Warehouse Clearance Sale

Found 26th Dec 2012
Revo have a warehouse clearance sale posted on their website where they're selling various radios they describe as selling refurbished (as new) or new.

I bought a K2 radio in the spring for Amazon Warehouse for a similar price that was described as new, which usually means unwanted unused stock by retailers or customers so assume this is similar expect they've replaced the packaging.

Axis (white or black) - £110
K2 - £160
IKON - £120
Mondo WiFi - £65
Heritage G2 (walnut or black oak or shadow) - £150
Domino D3 - £90
Pico RS - £100
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Over priced!
As radios go, Revos are excellent. I've got a Heritage - paid £250 for it - and it's brilliant, so getting one for £110 is a steal.

Over priced!

For DAB radios in general whether they're from the main players like Pure, Revo, Roberts then I'd agree their RRP are over priced, I paid £165 for my Revo K2 and I'm well chuffed with it and think is a realistic price point for a luxury style radio, but the reality is you're not just paying for the radio it's self, also included in the alot of these prices is the one off licence fees to companies like Frontier Silicon who produce the all in one chips and maintain the world wide Wifi radio portal listings.
they also sell refurbished on their outlet ebay store, and i'm sure the heritage is usually £125 start bid or £138 buy....
.. or is G2 some revised model?

they also sell refurbished on their outlet ebay store

Great spot mcek, also see on their ebay outlet as well as setting a price they also have a best offer button buyers to propose a lower price
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