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Free revolut card - Spend abroad with no fees -
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Got a message from Revolut saying I can have a free card, thought this might interest others. Revolut is like a bank but it isn't and a card from them would be like a bank card bu… Read more
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why not the transferwise borderless and mastercard? I'm using that and its grand. Might get a revolt as a back-up edit: although i see that revolt has no fees for gbp-euro compared to the 1.5% of twise.


They are terrible arguements. 1. If you look after your belongings correctly you won't lose anything. 2. You seem to lose cards a lot. 3. Bitcoin lol yea ok. Crypto currency is one big scam. No thank you. 4. Vaults - what a pointless idea. Would rather have the extra money in my account already. 5. Budgeting - takes about 5 mins to input my transactions into Excel or something if I really want a breakdown. 6. Sounds like you are unable to control your spending. 7. Thats because you might not get the money back. If anyone fraudelently uses my Clarity I KNOW Im getting the money back. 8. You really need to look after your things better you really do seem to lose a lot of things while travelling.


will order one, thanks


Be careful of Revolut. They can block your account (with hundred of pounds of your money inside) without notice. They can ignore your pleas for support on “live” chat and if you complain on Twitter, they can just block you. They actively censor complaints about them, so the public only hear good stuff about them. More info here:


Monzo is way better than revolut, I have used revolut, Starling before but Monzo crushes them all

Revolut - free card normally £5.00 delivery (email invite)
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Received an email from revolut offering free physical card till 9th March. This is for existing users with no physical cards or new users. Handy to have especially if you travel a … Read more
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Simply use the service. I deposited and there was an issue. I got passed around people saying that the service might not be compatible with my phone, even though it was relatively modern, so that was odd. Then a comment about how there were teething problems'. Then issues with having to provide my scanned passport to even to close the account or remove funds. Only a tenner but still. In the end I just gave up with trying to close the account. It was a huge waste of time. With the vast majority to companies and services I get on fine. In this case, customer service was very poor. There are much better options elsewhere.


What were you trying to do?


I had a nightmare with this card and unbelievably bad experience with both custmer support and emailing their management. It was so bad I decided to close my account, but they demanded that I send them a copy of my passport to even do that so I guess I still have one. The whole situation was so ludicrous that my only consolution is to know that I can warn others off this disaster of a company. Steer clear if you value your time.


I'm not sure - my overseas sending limit is £40,000 but I have a premium account - sorry!


OK thanks. I'll try that

Get a cash advance on ANY credit card for a 1% fee (workaround) with Revolut
Found 11th Dec 2017Found 11th Dec 2017
If you have a Revolut card, then all you need to do it: 1. Top up your account with your desired credit card (Revolut will charge your card £505 for a £500 top up, so there’s 1% ch… Read more
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How is this a deal? Your CC company will treat this as cash and charge you anyway. You are paying 1% extra for no reason.


yeah they do, just like balance transfer cards still 0% interest unlike the typical 15-25% for cash advances


That’ll be 0% interest for XX months, there will be a % fee upfront (usually between 2-4%)


Your sister's a pro? I'd have kept that to myself. (shock)


Tesco and MBNA they both had introductory offers of 18 and 26 months respectively (when i got them) but i now get emails every few months with 12 month 0% offers

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Digital Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for £35.26 on south African eShop using revolut
Found 10th Nov 2017Found 10th Nov 2017
Hi all My first deal so go easy on me. Just purchased and pre loaded Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on South African eShop for £35.26. Thought it was a good deal as cheapest I've seen i… Read more
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whats ch


Argh. I've got a Switch for Christmas but you cannot purchase games on an account that's not tied to a Switch already :(


It's been posted before on other Switch deals, but sharing this for the Newbie OP :D The 'best deals' tab tells you which country is the cheapest for whichever game. Well worth bookmarking


Yeah, it'll be the exchange rate on the day. I accidentally hit topup twice when I used this last and was charged for both (obv) but with Revolute you can just withdraw it straight back to your card, the money was back in my account almost instantly so it's worth just topping up a pound or more to make sure the balance covers it, then just request the excess back


I'm fine with this if it means they will continue to release games in South Africa at this price :D

Digital Super Mario Odyssey for £35.97 from Nintendo Switch South African eShop (using Revolut virtual card)
Found 25th Oct 2017Found 25th Oct 2017
Hi all, using Revolut, I've just purchased (and preloaded) Super Mario Odyssey from the South African eShop. It cost me 35.97. For details about Revolut please see here :- https:… Read more

keeps saying i need to verify it so it dosent work


Just google one from Oregon to avoid sales tax. 96209 is Microsoft’s Portland office :D Btw I’ve found that even though Paypal is geo restricted, my Hong Kong PayPal account isn’t. I’ve associated this with my main account and can now buy from any region store (I’ve tried Russia, Mexico, Japan and the USA) without issues


how do you get passed the zip code


I just did this and had the same result. It took the money, but gave a payment error and no sign of any download working and nothing in download or purchase history.


Just purchased this on the eshop using the method, and the payment has been taken though i can't download the game...not on purchase or download list however they've taken the money. Has this happened to anyone else?

Revolut Prepaid Mastercard+Bank A/c+Fee Free Currency no use fees @ Revolut
Found 14th Apr 2017Found 14th Apr 2017
Yes there are a lot of prepaid cards about.. however read on.. NO £100 topup required unlike the main other ! So I've been with Mondo/Monzo for a long time now and its my daily us… Read more

I dont like them as they don't accept non UK clients *haha*


Sterling Bank is also now a good one, you get a real sort code and account number so you can bacs money in


I loaded my Google drive with my personal photos and I'd used all 15gb it didn't say anything just stopped working. I've linked monzo to my backup gmail now


Must have signed up to too many porn sites... Got both cards and prefer Monzo...when I was in the USA using Revolut the card would decline the first time and go through the second but charge me twice and i'd have to wait for them to cancel the first transaction, did it for about 4 or 5 days, since then i've got a Monzo card and it seems much more reliable...although I did like that you can exchange the money on Rev and lock in the exchange rate since it seems to drop every time Teresa May makes a speech... I have a golden ticket for Monzo if anyone wants an account without having to wait, pm me.


How did you manage to ill your inbox on gmail?

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£40 Very voucher for £15 using Revolut/Paypal/Groupon
Found 16th Nov 2015Found 16th Nov 2015
This will work on new accounts only @Very Download the Revolut app and when signing up use the promotional code "MSE". Deposit £15 (minimum £10) and you'll now have £20 credit on … Read more
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Ok thank you :p


It should do, if it doesn't you can always withdraw whatever you deposit


Does this code still work?


It's £15 FOR a £40 voucher, not £15 OFF a £40 voucher.


£15 for the £40 voucher (£25/63% saving) is not a error, after the "hassle" it does work, I've helped quite a few to do it and they're over the moon. Plus most of the other 50% off deals have minimum spends of £50/£60. A few months ago someone posted the £40 for £20 groupon voucher and mixed it with ps plus so you ended up getting it for £20. This got over 1000°. Now here, with 2 minutes hassle you could get it for £15 which is a blummin good deal (obviously you can apply this to anything at very). Anyway it's done now, I helped a few and they've thanked me so I'm happy.

Save on exchange fees when you travel with revolut pre paid card
Found 20th Sep 2015Found 20th Sep 2015
Save on exchange fees when you travel with revolut pre paid card, works fantastically you top up via card or bank transfer use the card and get the exact change rate, i have used i… Read more

Also can't find the other thread, annoying as I'd asked a question in there. I do hate the way hukd just deletes your posts with no message to say why. Similar problems here with the app, unknown errors just trying to sign up. Seems rather buggy, waiting on contact back from them but may just give it a miss.


I saw this again on here earlier but can't find the thread now. I had a BAD experience after depositing £10. I signed up only to get an error when I tried to withdraw. Not to worry I thought, I'll use it to pay for a gift card. That didn't work either, declined.. The person on support chat didn't seem to know what the problem was and said that I should verify my account. That involves taking a passport pic via your phone, it's annoying over a trivial amount of money and a data concern but okay. The app however has a weird system where you can't manually take the pic and instead it takes it when it deems it to be aligned.. Well, it must be buggy because it didn't ever take the picture despite minutes of trying. Fed up with this I was then told that I'd have to "send 4 photos (front and back of ID, ID next to your face and selfie) to" an email address. By this point I was thoroughly fed up with this crap and so asked them just to refund my payment to which I'm told (eventually) "can you not just send the photos". I'm now at the point where I'm told that I will receive my £10 back within 3 days, but who knows. The app keeps crashing my phone too. Terrible experience.


It allows you to top up via bank transfer or visa card/mastercard


Does this card allow top up by Paypal? Or does anyone happen to know one that does...


Yes. It's a triple Eur, USD and GBP currency pre-paid card. You get three separate balances. I currently have euros and pounds on it. Got the physical plastic card yesterday and used it to take money out from Sainsbury's cash machine. Also paid using my GBP balance tickets for a bus in New Zealand in NZD and the exchange rate was pretty much the one Google was showing.

Prepaid travel cards top up £10 get £5 free,top up  £50 get £10 free @ Revolut
Found 10th Jul 2015Found 10th Jul 2015
hi theres 2 new prepaid travel cards,revolut that the first 25000 get 5£extra on a top up of 10£ making it 15£ this cards gives perfect rates atm of typing is 1.39euros to 1£ must … Read more
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Can you load £'s for use in this country? Is it a contactless card?


revolt card.....Application fee: None | Monthly fee: None Exchange rate: perfect interbank rate ATM withdrawal fee: None | Currencies: Pounds/euros/dollars Top up: Free via bank transfer or debit card Replacement charge: None we swap cardApplication fee: None Monthly fee: None, but £2/mth fee if not used for 12mths ATM withdrawal fee: €1.75 under €250, free above Currency: Euros (plus dollars, and 14 other major currencies) Top up: Free via debit card online/bank transfer Replacement charge: £5 Fee for spending in different currency (eg, in dollars on a card loaded with euros): N/A (can only spend on currencies held on the card) Any freebies? £10 of currency added when you load £50+


What charges?


Read the terms and conditions / charges carefully !


just not for use in Greece

Free £5 when you load £10 (can withdraw immediately) and perfect exchange rate @ Revolut (prepaid Mastercard)
Found 7th Jul 2015Found 7th Jul 2015
The prepaid Mastercard from Revolut gives the perfect interbank rate for euros, dollars and more. It's fee-free for the first year, after which it may start charging a 1% fee (or a… Read more

I have just used the Revolut card in Dubai for 2 weeks, absolutely brilliant, no problems with payment anywhere, one problem with an ATM but used the one next door, different bank, no problem, I would highly recommend. Interested to see if they apply a fee after the first 12 months


They don't give perfect rates as I've just seen. I just got 5.82 for pounds to zlotty and Google rates are claiming it should be closer to 5.9


Used revolut on recent holiday to florida,it was the only card I took,loaded cash in pounds,converted to dollars upon arrival,converted back to sterling.on return.Faultless.!


It worked ok for me.


It took 15 quid out and gave 15quid back lol how pointless :(