Revolver Special Edition DVD only £3.00 delivered @ Streets Online
Revolver Special Edition DVD only £3.00 delivered @ Streets Online

Revolver Special Edition DVD only £3.00 delivered @ Streets Online

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I know this got mixed reviews when released but at £3.00 you can make your own mind up!
This is also available at Woolworth's online and in store.

Bullets fly and the art of the con is taken to the brink & beyond in Revolver - Guy Ritchie's sizzling return to his very best.

Conman & hotshot gambler Jake Green (Jason Statham) has spent the last seven years in prison, taking the rap for a crime he did not commit. Now he's out & itching for revenge against the ruthless crime boss & casino owner Dorothy Macha (Ray Liotta).

Having become unbeatable at the tables, using a formula for the ultimate con that he learned in prison. Jake soon finds himself taking the very last gamble he ever wanted to take. In the company of two inscrutable characters, Avi (Andre Benjamin) & Zach (Vincent Pastore), a lethal game of cat-and-mouse unfolds & there is danger at every turn, but the biggest danger of all comes from the very last place he could have expected...

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sorry no Quidco like woolworths but you do get it delivered to your door for the £3.00 unlike woolworths who charge an extra £1.50 to deliver to your door.


Good price but an awful film!

Working on your previous track record Macdoona (posting on Clive Owen, Sean Bean & bizzarrely David Hasslehoff threads), did you post this hoping to fill the thread with pics of Jason Statham or Ray Liotta?!?!?

At least for £3 as you say people can make up their minds if they rate this or not for the price of a rental (the next price up is Choices at a fiver & then over a tenner.

Original Poster

[CENTER][SIZE="5"]Guess that's me busted!!![/SIZE]


Sorry, but I thought this film was just fantastic!

Some great action along with uber cool camera work and yes it is pretty hard to follow but once you ....'get it'.... (took 3 views & countless discussions/arguments).....it does all make sense, kinda.

Certainly worth £3 or anyone's money, voted hot.


this film was awful, i didnt think Mystic river for awfulness (despite winning Oscars) could be topped but i think Revolver did but on a positive good price:thumbsup:

Good film and good price, thanks :thumbsup:
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